A SINGLE Best Way To Gain Muscle? (Shocking)

A SINGLE Best Way To Gain Muscle? (Shocking)

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25 thoughts on “A SINGLE Best Way To Gain Muscle? (Shocking)”

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  5. Brendan Kearney

    You can learn to see your training in both ways. If you are on youtube all
    the time searching the latest video of bodybuilding gurus and their take on
    certain subjects, then you are adapting the science side of your training
    as you are probably looking for the latest studies, reports and articles in
    magazines as well. To expose the art of your training, you need to go
    inside yourself to find the answers and learn to express your version
    through your training and in everyday life. I think you should seek a
    balance of both. Research becomes an addiction and can really be harmful
    to our character and put us off. Embracing the art part of it will bring
    you back in balance. Thats my take on it.

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  7. No offence there Vince, I just started all these “bodybuilding” but I often
    find that the answers you give in your video to be unclear/ambiguous. Yes,
    it is true that it differs for everyone, but that is also an answer for
    every other question. Maybe u could be more firm in your tone and u could
    provide steps for people to take rather than just answering what’s being
    A lot of people who views videos like these are amateurs… who needs
    guidance, but u need to let them have something to takeaway at the end of
    the video. For this video, the takeway is simple a no, that while science
    has certain results from study, genetics can make thing different…

  8. Muhammad Risvan

    hey Vince, why is it that I always feel funny in my guts whenever I work
    out? Whenever I push myself to the very limit in the gym, especially in ab
    exercises, my guts feels like it’s gonna come out of my ass, seriously,
    this is no joke. That prevents me from going all out in workouts. Any ideas
    and solutions to this?

    thanks! 🙂

    oh, anyway, I signed up for your brand new workout program, and I haven’t
    received any email yet. I’m afraid I’m gonna left with none. any solutions
    to this too? thanks! :)

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