8 minute abs with Jamie Alderton

http://www.grenadefatburner.com/ Team Grenade’s Jamie Alderton shows you his 8 minute abs workout.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “8 minute abs with Jamie Alderton”

  1. I’m a fat guy…..if I keep this up in a few months I might be able to see
    my abs again. Awesome workout!

  2. OMG, I feel so unfit!!! you knock me out after the 3rd round of exercise (6
    mins)… I cannot explain how happy I was, when you said “last round” !!!

  3. I did only 4 minutes without stop for relax ;p
    And i felt so burned ;P
    after 1 week i will do 6 minutes !

  4. after reading tbe comments ….i dont really feel that tired , i got still
    do another 4 minutes

    and i am a beginer

    So don’t lose hope without trying it

  5. This was exactly the help I was looking for! I wanted to start doing a
    small workout after work because I’ve just been so lazy the past few years
    and after 2 days of crunches it feels like I was working out my neck more
    than my abs. Thanks for the tips! 

  6. Regarding leg drops, is it normal that it hurts your back when doing it for
    the first few times? Thanks!

  7. Hi i’am 17 and I have been putting on a little bit of wight so I really
    want a full body workout without using any GYM SUPPLIES such as: wights and
    workout balls

    To: rebecca Louise

    From: deema Omar

  8. lorena katherine ardila cadena

    Es excelente el trabajo que realizan y la manera en q hacen que el
    ejecercico sega facil me agrada

  9. MultiSexterminator

    Fake blonde = natural brunette! Brunettes are much more sporty and fitter
    than blondes!

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