8 Mins abs workout – Level 1

P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net The workout: This video training has been designed to specifically work on the abdominal area. It can be done by a…
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  1. I am a male 21 y.o. 1.80 height and weight 72 kg with 15% Body fat. I f i
    do these everyday will i see a respectable six pack or do i have to drop my
    body fat to 12%. What would you suggest?

  2. Can`t do:
    1) Vertical leg crunches (just can`t “hold a straight legs”).
    2) Double crunch (tooo hard).

    And my neck is killing me)
    Maybe there are some LVL 0 ? :D

  3. im 16 just sorta lost my puppy fat because i started jogging 😛 and now im
    doing this every day, finding it all pretty straight forward except double
    crunch, like i get in the correct position do like 2 then just completely
    f*** up. They seem to be the hardest though, My main aim is to get a six
    pack… hopefully. I’m just wondering what kind of diet is best to go
    alongside jogging + this workout to achieve my goal. Im mainly just eating
    my 3 meals a day, drinking loads of milk and water and snacking on apples
    and shiz, but my parents are accusing me of going anorexic and telling me i
    should be eating more, despite a lot of people suggesting the best way to
    achieve a six pack is to reduce your body fat. All this is rather new to me
    so any advice i’d appreciate it 🙂 but brilliant workout 😀 from what i can

  4. fuck p4p i just did 10 times push throw and my body hurt get fucked up shit
    no more of your shity work

  5. Виолетта Колибердина

    I am not able to do the last exercise. Could you give me some advice?

  6. Hi! It have been more than 1 week that I have started the exercises. I only
    do this 8 minutes workout twice a day, 3 times a week. So, I do this on
    Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday so my muscles can have a 1 day off to recover.
    Is this enough or should I train more? Is 16 minutes in total enough 3
    times a week?
    Should I do them more than twice with breaks between? Give me some advice
    please. Thanks in advance.

  7. what is the period between each level??
    am on level one for more than 4 months 😀 so when to switch to level 2 ?

  8. Hey, I really like this workout, but I got a problem with four times abs
    and double crunch. My legs start to hurt and shiver, am I doing something
    wrong? I feel the contraction of my abs, but the pain in my legs is
    dominant. I am going for a 4-5k warmup run before my workouts, is this just
    too much for my legs? I just started about a month ago, will time do its
    Hope someone can give me an answer, thanks;)

  9. Cristian Ronaldo

    Encuentro que esto no es para un principiante. Es para alguien q ya lleva
    tiempo haciendo deportes

  10. Ірина Білінська

    не знаю як у вас,але у мене від тих вправ шия болить =/

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