8 Min Abs Level 3

P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net This video training has been designed to specifically work on the abdominal area. It can be done by anyone who exe…

25 thoughts on “8 Min Abs Level 3”

  1. Hardly survived and not perfected. Too much leg work! Wtf? My abs didnt
    even hurt. Level 2 does much better work than this one 

  2. Parlapaparis Pipas

    If you do it with from step3 to step2 it’s much easier..! And you dont need
    to excersice your legs before this level

  3. I couldn’t do this 6 months ago but now I can. Just stick with earlier
    levels people, every other day. 

  4. i did almost everything, except last one(did 30) and double twist(did 40).
    (I was doing lvl1 and lvl2 before)

  5. meaninglessnowadays

    Just came here, and it’s almost impossible to do the whole lotta exersices
    in the first day. Now it’s legs hurting.

  6. the reps is exaggerating but the exercises r very useful if u want to get
    hard abs.the last is mainly for middle and lower partn its called flutter
    kicks….don’t force if u cant do the exercises or u will get injuries

  7. Level 1 and 2 where fairly easy tbh! But then again that’s my opinion!!!
    This is gonna be a challenge!!

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