7 Reason Why You’re Not Making Gains! (How To Build Muscle and Burn Fat Fast) Big Brandon Carter)

What Are The Best Supplements To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Fast? (Big Brandon Carter)

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50 thoughts on “7 Reason Why You’re Not Making Gains! (How To Build Muscle and Burn Fat Fast) Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Anthony Intensity

    Great motivation for all people Brandon!

    What’s your favorite bodyweight/calisthenics skill by the way? (just a
    random question which come to my mind now) Since youre doing calisthenics
    very well. 

  2. Yo Brandon, could make a video on how you got your arms so thick. I’m not
    talking about the bicep or the tricep, I mean that muscle in between. The
    opposite of the part of your arm that touches your body. (this could be a
    part of the tricep, I don’t know, but I want to know how you got that part
    so huge)

  3. Mustafa SkillNation

    dude you seriously helped me out in that ebook thank you. but i have been
    doing something differently im experimentin in 6 weeks to see how ripped i
    can become doing circuit training bodyweight strength training and lifting.
    my routine is a little different Im 14 im 5’1 weight 108 my bf% is 14 I
    would like to get down to a 9% so ive been carb cycling or flipping the
    insulin switch on the same day everyday and also added intermittent fasting
    to the routine i want to see your perspective on this and i will expirement
    and well see the results till then.

  4. Dude people are stupid. Someone on roids is easy to spot and someone with
    good muscle is easy to spot if you aren’t stupid. I’ve been accused of
    roids and i’m not really that big. Whatever idiots are idiots.

  5. hi bbc 😀 ımma ask you sth. you have the same problem that ı have when
    squatting?ending on your toes and if you wanna do them with your feet flat
    to the floor ı fall on my ass you have/had this kind of problem? if you had
    how did you solve it cuz ım fuckin got obsessed with this right now 

  6. Ironically, steps Brandon is suggesting is also how to be successful in
    life in general. I suspect that 95% of people are aimless and clueless of
    how to be successful in anything.

  7. hay I appreciate you being real! now im motivated this is what im looking
    for imam put on some real muscles thanks

  8. Im trying to loose weight by lifting weights and High intensity cardio.
    I get confused on what my short term goals should be with the weight

  9. those haters those who tell its unnatural ..fuck them…haters dont really
    hate you in fact they hate them self because u r the reflection of what
    they wish to be…keep rockin bro…big respect….

  10. Christian Rowbotham

    Brandon but does supplements aré really necesary? Because i cant afford
    them, in Venezuela all of them even whey aré really expensive

  11. great advice man, im taking classes right now to be a personal trainer, and
    i would recommend this video for all levels of fitness.

  12. You a beast bro! Im not gonna lie i thought you were on the juice at first
    but your not hahaha

  13. Neftali B Escobar

    Supplements are just bullshit. I spend two years doing research on it and
    it’s actually bad for you in the long term. Chemicals are not good for our
    bodies. You can find everything you need to grow in natural foods. Trust me
    on this one. 

  14. chandani shrestha

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    the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Vixen Fat Loss, you
    will discover how to burn fat fast.

  15. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when normal people
    accomplish it so easily using Xylphlike Fat Loss (check it out on Google).

  16. Hey dude, thanks for all the good info, just curious how long did it take
    you to build a physique like that ?

  17. its awesome how in all your videos you say”Muscle MASS”the same.exact.way.
    every single time.haha

  18. Man u the first guy i heard to real talk on this topic. We on the same
    level. Eat hard, train harder, thats my motto.

  19. Man, I wish I could sleep 8-10 hours. I will definitely be getting that
    Melatonin though cause I never sleep a whole night through, I wake up 3-5
    times when I sleep. First time coming across you, definitely subscribing.
    Great video and I will definitely be asking more questions about things.
    So, I hope I don’t get too annoying haha. I’m just beginning to work out so
    i’m doing lots of research on getting fit and how to supplement well.
    Anyway, thanks again man and keep up that hard work.

  20. Just go And Google Max Muscle Method to discover the thousands of people
    who got stronger who never thought they could.

  21. is there a 3 day routine you would recomend to get results similar to yours
    after a while?

  22. 2 Gallons of water a day? Does that dilute your blood a little? Or do you
    just make up for that with the sodium in your diet? I feel like that much
    water a day might drop electrolyte levels. Then again, I don’t really know
    wtf i’m talking about that’s just my speculation. Any answers to that one?
    Also isn’t all this stuff kind hard on your liver, kidneys, pancreas?

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