7 Minute Ab Workout

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25 thoughts on “7 Minute Ab Workout”

  1. Did it twice and I am already feeling the burn! It makes you feel so
    accomplished when you are done! So excited for when my abs do come in!!

  2. This is the best an workout, I mean I have six pack doing this workout
    twice a week for two months

    i felt the burn which is good!, I did do some tiny modifications so I can
    stick with the entire video but I’m sure after a few more times doing this,
    I will get it right!

  4. I have problem doing this workout. Everything is fine except my back, my
    lower back cannot handle this. When I started abs workout I found out that
    my lower back is really weak n easy to get tired, but i dont know what to
    do to improve. any suggestions or ideas?

  5. Mai I have the same problem with my lower back, I found that mike Chang on
    6 pack short cuts makes great ab workouts that keeps the pain at a low. I
    suggest u follow his ab workouts I have great results from doing so.

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