7 Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

Build Muscle Fast. http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdcp What’s up, It’s Mike Chang and today we are going to be discussing protein sources for vegetarians. Not e…

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31 thoughts on “7 Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians”

    be getting 20g of proiten from my delicious chicken thigh.

  2. I’ve been brought to your vids a few times while looking for info on
    various food/health topics. Good stuff man, thanks!

  3. human body should not have more than 35g of protein. thats a fact. its even
    more important to be careful not to eat too much of it.

  4. Mike, thank you SO MUCH for making this video! You didn’t bash vegetarians
    or vegans, you were actually helpful!

  5. Have you seen Muscle Maker Method? (Go google it) It is a quick way for you
    to bulk up fast.

  6. 2g of brotein per pound of bodyweight… im 16 and i feel like i already
    know more about fitness then this guy…

  7. calories ~ Carbs > protein, water, train for pain, sleep, light exercise
    before or after meals, & try to get in some raw fruit or veggies in all

  8. Believe it or not, soy and tofu are the worst for you because they are
    genetically modified. Stay away from these!!! These may make you look good,
    but they make you feel like crap! CORN is another genetically modified
    food. It’s empty calories, that have little to no nutritional value.
    Isagenix is a simple solution to these since it is all natural and uses no
    chemicals or genetically modified ingredients like other weight loss and
    muscle gaining products. Contact me if you wanna know more.

  9. Many pro athletes including NFL players and UFC fighters eat plant based
    diets. Eating meat for protein is a myth fueled by the beef and dairy

  10. im a vegan boxer….i eat quino, lentils, nuts, and sunwarrior protein.
    i stay away from tofu, beans/peanuts. and seitan. 

  11. Have you tried Ready Set Ripped? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for
    you to get ripped fast.

  12. HA! Mike, you’re a LIAR! From the Start, you LIED. Finally you admitted,
    and yet you STILL try to LIE. You’re a Fake muscular man. 

  13. In two month later on, you certainly can easily gain 10 lbs in muscle &
    lose 5 To 10 pounds in body fat. You just need a proven workout program,
    correct eating plan & start now.

  14. ” A Year From Know What will You Wish You Had done Today?”
    -Liam Linisong

    Be Focused! There is little satisfaction in taking action, just for actions
    I struggle with this, I had herd that multi tasking, does not work well.
    Are you spinning you wheels, I have. Focus on the Task at hand, prioritize.
    I heard this from a friend Kraig Ward and Ryan Deiss, very successful
    business men and teachers.
    Thanks Jimmy!

  15. Dan The Messican

    Thanks for posting this. This is good info but can you do a video on how
    much protein we need to maintain as much muscle as possible on a caloric

  16. Jimmy, Jimmy I agree with the fact media (magazines) absolutely blow smoke
    about we need 2 grams of protein. I respectfully kinda laughed at the fact
    that you need to w/o to build muscle … That’s a bit obvious, otherwise we
    could all sit around and get big just eating enough protein. Of course
    people put on weight tacking steroids, the question is the weight real lean
    muscle mass??? My GUESS is not. To build muscle you need to increase the
    load on the muscle or increase intensity of what you are already doing etc.
    The study you are talking about does not discuss athletes. With most sports
    and bodybuilding, .7 grams may not be enough. Somebody new to the gym, the
    absolute most important factor is consistently working out, have a regular
    plan and feed your body. It is so straight forward. When I started
    training, I was coming into the gym to look “normal.” This was after
    loosing 30+ LBS. after having Mononucleosis. In addition I had an identical
    twin, he was wrestling HW in High School. I really felt like the scrawny
    sick little wuss. So the rest is history. In the first year just by
    consistently training and maybe eating 2 regular meals with a weight gain
    shake. With that regimen alone, of course post Mono. I went from 148,
    pigeon chested LBS to 245. That was with no real knowledge of diet. My
    weight training, was so upper body oriented, some LIGHT squats here and
    there. So YES, YES protein is needed and I agree that most of us take in
    whey (haha) to much protein. I think it’s a individual matter how much is
    needed, dependent upon your bodies needs. I would never go above 2 grams a
    day. I only even started being truly conscious of protein intake after my
    first year. I will guarantee that young people 18+ will get results on
    consistent training, almost with very little knowledge, If you are lucky,
    follow Jimmy Smith’s ideas or a qualified individual is helping you. The
    sky is the limit. If you follow a path that is consistent and already have
    help from people like Jimmy etc. You can reach your goals quicker then I
    did. I think my first year in the gym was likely one of the best and I
    didn’t know squat.
    Thanks for the info and keep up the good work. I’ll be around soon. Have a
    great day. Train consistently and have fun.
    Again Thanks!

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