60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Fitness Blender Tabata HIIT, Abs and Obliques Workout

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50 thoughts on “60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Fitness Blender Tabata HIIT, Abs and Obliques Workout”

  1. Holly Parmaksızoğlu

    I see plenty of people sharing their fitness stories and commenting on this
    workout below, and I just want to share mine in hopes of reaching out to
    people in the same boat as I am! I am 24 years old, 5’6″, and 142 lbs. I am
    at a very healthy weight for my height and age, but I am terribly out of
    shape. And, frankly put, I HATE cardio.

    I thought I’d try this workout for the first time today. I got through
    about 7 minutes before I had to take a 5-minute rest. I continued through
    the workout cycles, having to pause the video after every cycle to lie on
    the floor for about a minute. I eventually stopped at the 24-minute mark.
    Even though I didn’t complete the workout, and had to take such frequent
    breaks, I feel great about myself. Any progress is worth it. I am not the
    fittest person on the block, but I know from experience that it WILL get
    easier in time. The first workout after a long break can be difficult and
    disheartening, but feeling the workouts get easier and easier over time is
    the best feeling in the world. Keep going!

  2. Killer! I got through the whole thing, it didn’t always look pretty and I
    shouted and wailed while I did some of the more demanding exercises, but I
    did it. I’m just 43 and making a comeback to fitness after 4 years
    recovering from ill-health. Is every other day with a squat challenge on
    the days off okay?

  3. Even though I’m 15 and should be fit I could only get up to 50 minutes I
    feel so bad 🙁 HIIT is my weakness – I feel as if I can’t activate my full
    exertion level – even just for 20 seconds! 

  4. Just finished this one – gotta say it’s an AMAZING routine. If anyone is
    reading the comments before starting, I must tell you: do this workout, you
    won’t regret it! It’s intense, challenging and definitely not boring. I do
    feel so friggin DONE but in a revitalized kinda way. Thank you so much!

  5. Leticia Petermann

    bueno yo les dare una idea si no se consentran o les aburre cuando
    ablan como aserlo quintenle el bolumen ala viedo y usen pandora music
    de eric prydz call on me y se consentran mas y les dara mas fuerza y
    sera mas motivado 

  6. i am following their 8 week program and i am feeling stronger and fitter by
    the day. the routines are challenging but i can feel the result every
    passing week. i love these guys. clothes fit better and confidence soars. i
    am so thankful for their videos. 

  7. I absolutely loved that workout. I feel great now. I’ve been doing a few of
    your workouts now for maybe 1,5-2 weeks and I can already feel the
    difference – I didn’t need an extra pause in this one! 🙂 And I feel better
    already as well, so thank you so much for your awesome routines! Only thing
    I just couldn’t do was the plank walk – that’s lethal!!!! Any tips to make
    it easier? I only managed to do about 4-6 steps, pause and do it again. 

  8. this is one of the more brutal f-blender workouts, I mean wow im shaking
    and my abs and legs are burning. One of my favourites :D

  9. Holy cow…this was a great workout. I lost about three pounds sweating.
    It would be helpful to have an option for the movement where you lay on
    your side, lift your hip and swing your top leg forward. I can build up to
    that, but at this time the difficulty affects my form. Thank you for

  10. Just finish this workout!!! Its a killer but i got through it all. I love
    fitnessblender!!! Totally recommend this workout video. Now I can get ready
    to go to work, and feel awsome I put an hr of my time to get fit! 

  11. Schrödinger the cat

    This is probably my fave workout by you guys currently.
    I feel that I’m JUST at the right fitness level to do this all through, it
    being challenging enough that I feel like I really worked out, but not too
    much that I feel destroyed.
    I wish I felt this right about other workouts but there are very few that
    feel as perfect as this one does for me.

  12. Rachel Forrester

    Can’t believe i finishd this the way i did. Was expecting to collapse half
    way through but done it with no extra breaks. Great workout overall! 

  13. great workout! the only thing i couldn’t do was the side leg oblique
    things, it was hurting my but but not my obliques

  14. These 8x HIIT exercises really test you mentally. The plank steps were the
    worst for me. Nice sweaty workout and I am now free to enjoy my weekend!

  15. Really love it. I’ve just finished it and I’m feeling very happy with
    myself, I mean it’s a hard routine and after you do it you feel better,
    more active and ofc fitter! Don’t stop doing these amazing videos, because
    they help plenty of people to loose fat or to keep fit.

  16. I agree with all the comments above. I dont like cardio myself, but I know
    enough that its the only way to get rid of that fat. I shyed away from
    videos like these. When I finished thought I felt a sense of accomplishment
    and SEVERE exhaustion. Im glad I pushed through… 

  17. Thank you so much i love all your video and it work for me. thank you thank
    you thank you ^___^

  18. Yepp, I can’t think of a single con when it comes to working out at a
    playground compared to a gym. Better to workout on a playground with bars
    for free than to pay $30/month($360/yr) on a gym membership.

  19. Yeah, of course, however you can’t really simulate the deadlift motion…
    You know – it’s legs, whole back, partly arms… Calisthenics is great, but
    picking up stuff is something really practical. I don’t do deadlifts as I
    don’t have the access to it. I do some reverse leg lifts being in headstand
    and when lying on your stomach…

  20. oh come on, everywhere is a playground, even in my stupid small city not
    like in this vid though, but good enough to train with

  21. Deadlifts are for the back though. At a park, there are great intense
    exercises for the back, like the back lever

  22. I weigh 97 kg… I do calisthenics. Doesn’t matter where you go. It’s what
    you train. WTF with proteins? You need proteins to grow new muscle tissue
    and to regenerate. You either eat it in food or help yourself by drinking
    protein shakes (which mostly are made from natural products)… How can you
    write protein and steroids on the same level. Go educate yoursefl!

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