6 Muscle Building Tips to Build Muscle Fast

6 Muscle Building Tips to Build Muscle Fast

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25 thoughts on “6 Muscle Building Tips to Build Muscle Fast”

  1. Enrique Valiente

    guys at the end what do you mean by resting 5 days, i mean u go to the gym
    for like a month of course resting like 2 days a week, and at the end u
    rest 5 days or what lol? sorry im new to this

  2. Yeah I hit my isolation exercises after my compound movements. For me this
    has worked, as well. But I do a Push/Pull also, but I got a 3 day split
    that hits each body part 4-5 days. I used to do a 6 day program that hit
    every body part on each day. I saw lots of gains from that, but wanna try
    something else

  3. 5×5 workout the Best program to Build Muscle and Strength for Beginners end
    of the story .

  4. 40 min workout including cardio? I try to do at least 30 min of stationary
    bike after I lift.

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  6. I have almost the same kind of split. But its only one muscle group a day,
    seven days in between 

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    buddy has shed 30kg up to this point doing it and very highly endorses it.
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  8. I do full body workouts, does this mean I have to switch to split routine
    to keep session times down? Ive seen 50% strength increase in the last 3
    months. (this is my first 3 months lifting)

  9. Muscle Gain Fast

    yeah compound exercises are great for targeting numerous areas at a time,
    though I find doing a combination of both really effective in building

  10. whitequeen1900

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  11. Ummm, NOW I’m confused for he first time, you guys are ALWAYS on point, but
    a video like this later on I think this year seems to half sorta contradict
    this one, is this right and or have you decided you’ve realized something
    more or different, please get back to me, especially on the length of
    workout, 40mins max seems literally very short to me, not even a tad, a

  12. i do not agree. 45 minutes of training is not enough. 4 sets for the pecs
    is not enough. for a proper training. But hey its just my opinion.

  13. I keep hearing that I need to take in 1.5 grams of protein per day to gain
    muscle. The problem I have with that is that I weigh 435 pounds ( I
    started at 540 ) and if I take in this much protein with this formula it
    would come out to 652 grams of protein per day. In order to get this I
    would have to take in 5-6k calories per day and since Im trying to lose the
    weight this is double the calories per day for me to lose weight. Please

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