6 Min Ab Burnout – HASfit Abs Work Out – Abdominal Exercises – Ab Work Outs – Abs Workout

Download the HASfit Interactive Trainer App Now! Android http://goo.gl/q1rpi0 — iPhone http://goo.gl/6N3gfS Completely burnout your abs with this 6 minute a…
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Haibo doing 12 nicely performed ab rolls from standing to flat position. This exercise is extremely difficult to perform but Haibo makes it seem like a walk …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “6 Min Ab Burnout – HASfit Abs Work Out – Abdominal Exercises – Ab Work Outs – Abs Workout”

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    way to build muscle fast.

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    it. Copy and Paste into Google Ready Set Ripped and discover how to
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  3. I keep looking for different pieces to add to my full workout routine I
    will be doing for the next 12 months. I always seem to find myself on
    another one of your videos! Thanks and this workout made my weak abs cry

  4. Damn, “only 6 minutes”….. talk about proof that time is a relative thing!
    Thanks for the BURN! 

  5. woooweee! i def feel the burrrn!! that was intense and effective! i feel
    like i have abs of steel thanks coach!

  6. “This is the EASY PART” and then Im like “FUCK THAT!”… maybe in a future
    I can do this without passing out

  7. You’ll achieve greater results. I train everyday, I basicaly see results
    every two weeks (mostly).

  8. Wow this BURNS!!!! I couldn’t even do what he just did consistently. I’m
    pretty sure if I keep working on this video till I master it, I will have

  9. Jennifer Valdez

    feels great to not look pretty after workout..lol My hair is a mess and so
    is my shirt of puree sweat! Whoo! it Feels greattttt!! Thank you for these

  10. I’ve been working out every morning and before I go to sleep every night to
    one of your videos and I feel better and I’ve so far lost 12 pounds Thanks
    keep up the post remember sweat is fat crying haha

  11. Very impressive my friend. Did u start with kneeling down first and worked
    your way up? How often did u train and what are the visual results
    attained? Once again keep up the good work

  12. Robert Vingsnes

    @jovaldez96 I don’t know. I have tried but cannot pull them off. Think
    superhuman genes are needed.

  13. Robert Vingsnes

    This guy started out standing up. However, that is not normal. Most people
    do it from their knees and is never able to do it standing. Has a lot to do
    with body type, @lutor28

  14. NICE WORK!!! I am only up to 6 but I have not seen anyone else do these…
    Not I have to try 20 sometime! hahaha

  15. Bra det der ja, det er jo helt jævlig tungt! Bra jobba broder, regner med
    det var du som lærte ham “the moves”! 🙂

  16. good job mister. I master similar technique when I was in my late twenties.
    Im now 46 trying the wheel again..

  17. Yo……..bro this is amaing i have one heel like this but i cant do it
    stand …. how should i traing good to do it later

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