5k Training Program

I started a 5K running program on Monday and I thought I would share with all of you the details and how I got back into running. I Hope you enjoy!!!!! I am …
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3 thoughts on “5k Training Program”

  1. I like how you’re motivated to run! My brother has been doing 5k’s recently
    too. I’m trying to lose weight before I do that as well.

  2. Elvis Iseverywhere

    You got video bombed by your dogs. haha I feel the same way you do about
    running. I started doing it when I discovered 5k races and thought I’d
    enjoy competing, which I still do. And I think running kept me sane after a
    dear cousin got killed. I enjoy it enough to do it maybe 3 times a week for
    a couple miles or so, but I don’t understand these people that run 10 miles
    a day or whatever. I like to do sprints and run hills sometimes to make it
    less boring. Anyway, hope everything went well!

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