5/22 Olympic Weightlifting Workout

A tough workout to start the week. Some heavy numbers in snatch pulls and deadlifts, but a lot of volume after that. Here is my template for today’s workout:…

13 thoughts on “5/22 Olympic Weightlifting Workout”

  1. I saw that you’re a little training with small weights, it is noticeable
    for the coordination´╗┐

  2. I received some coaching (spent months with and away) from Jianping Ma
    since February 2011. My shoes are the Nike Romaleos

  3. I can tell he’s a rightie…his left leg (knee) is much weaker than his
    right…see how it wobbles out…he needs to fix that with some iso lifts
    on his left leg….great lifts though…I’m just sayin.

  4. olympicweightlifter

    ya your body can hold anything, if it isnt up to par get physiothearapy on

  5. Justin Decker

    125 around 4 months ago..it seems that I my shoulder can’t support anything
    from 125 or above

  6. how do you only snatch125 (barely) and you have this mean pull? its
    incredible how strong your second pull is.

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