5 WORST diet mistakes (for building muscle)

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25 thoughts on “5 WORST diet mistakes (for building muscle)”

  1. Also, If my target weight is 200lbs, and im 176lbs atm should i try to gain
    a weight of 210 lbs. and then cut 10lbs.? To get a lean body?

  2. Know a lot of people like this guy. VERY boring people ” hey brah i sspent
    duh whole day lifting weights and uuuuuuhhrhrhrrhh” *drools”

  3. true…I remember being 55kilos and asking myself why the fuck I dont gain
    1.) I did 6 hours of cardio a day lol
    2.) I didnt eat enough
    Now that Ive cut down the cardio and started eatin 4000 calories a day. I
    gained 10kilos of pure muscle mass within like 2-3 months.

  4. FitnessForLife Stevo

    Agree with most of what he says, apart from the whole ‘eat every two hours’
    thing. I started out at 123lbs (no, I’m not 6ft or anything 😉 ) and went
    to 143lbs eating three or four meals a day (one of which was more a ‘snack’
    meal than a proper meal). Eat how often you like to eat.

    Also, fat doesn’t make you fat, neither does sugar. Eating too many
    calories (and not getting your arse in the gym) makes you fat – bottom
    line. ;)

  5. I was doing well drinking protein shake before work out then creatinine
    after. A body builder recommended creatinine first then protein. Oooop
    tired it my body went down hill. Now I don’t what’s the best way.now I dont
    know how to get back to working out.

  6. but I want to know something, you’re saying that we need to eat more, but
    my questions is to eat more what ? or it does not matter what type of food
    it is, or what king of food should I eat ? please let me know

  7. Hey everyone Mike has always great videos. For dieting I would recommend
    giving the Diet Plus app a try. Take care

  8. So what I get out of this is that gaining weight (building muscle) is a
    full time job! I believe. I gotta eat WAY MORE!

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