5 Minute Lower Ab Workout!

5 Minute Lower Ab Workout!

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25 thoughts on “5 Minute Lower Ab Workout!”

  1. I’ve done them all but differently, 4 series on each exercise with 20
    repeats. It took me some time but noe I feel like a champ. My gym time
    expired yesterday and for the first time în 6 months I don’t have the money
    to renew it. At least I can do some exercices at home. Thanks for this good
    ab workout by the way.

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  3. Volturi Voltron

    do you really need to keep the neck off the ground?I find that it gives
    pain to my neck

  4. AH Fuck!!!!! I did this twice in a row and my abs or destroyed!!! I can’t
    even feel them :'( but thanks bro!!! I now have new ab workout!!

  5. Couldn’t get my legs that far over my head for the pillow exercise / I
    didn’t have the control to slow it down. Definitely something to work

  6. oeawan janmanee

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    average guy ripped.

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  8. Michael Brogan

    It’s a shame to see how many people here are talking trash from their couch
    with a bag of potato chips in one hand in a soda in the other

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