5 min Home Ab Workout – 3 Body Weight Ab Exercises

Get Chiseled Six Pack Abs in Record Time! http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdsN Yo What up Guys, It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I’m going to show you …

Yoga Abs & Back Workout: AM with Jane Fonda is a soothing, 11 minute abdominal routine that is designed to strengthen and tighten your core to increase stabi…

31 thoughts on “5 min Home Ab Workout – 3 Body Weight Ab Exercises”

  1. Its sad how people in the comments think after doing this workout once,
    they will have a 6 pack. and they’re saying “this workout sucks! It does
    nothing!” Come on people. Mike has great videos that actually educate you
    about health and fitness. Don’t just watch these minute workout videos
    because you’re too lazy to adapt to the fitness lifestyle and put in more
    than 6 minutes of work a day.

  2. Ultramarathon Power

    I can’t believe how stupid people are who are actually watching this shit
    and taking it seriously…..

  3. Not sure what everyone is thinkin but I dont think she’s that hot…she was
    barely even sweating

  4. Rakeem Beckett-Scott

    Another ab exercise, I remember him saying that you should only do 5
    minuets on abs, but he has done so many other 5 minuet ab videos.
    So I have two questions for anyone.
    1) is this the best ab exercise to do at the end of a workout.
    2) would this plus his two afterburner exercise be an effective work. 

    FUCK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lol dw, that exercise is safe. Chiropractors tell people all the time to do
    that exercise. If you would like to see more effective exercises, try
    buying the Adonis System. Tons of stuff there to help you get faster

  7. Looks really weak. All would be almost completely useless if you are used
    to doing a few hundred lbs already on ab exersizes too. The REAL secret to
    a 6 pack is losing weight. Its already there. I used to do massive ab
    workouts but because I didnt eat right it wasnt very noticeable how many
    hours I spent. You have to be UNDERfat to show abs hardcore.
    This is why women dont have 6 packs. Cause its unhealthy for them to drop
    very low in fat.

  8. SingtingzIsReady

    I thought this mawfucka said crunches are crap in another video, yet he’s
    doing crunches in this video. 

  9. Kristinn Finnbogason

    i just fucking came here to tell you that i have had enough of your fucking
    face !! every single fucking youtube video i click on ,pow!!! your fucking
    face pops up eating some fucking shit, or holding some piece of shit yellow
    plastic fat thing , once you were just an annoyance Mike but now you really
    make me want to find you and stuff that fucking yellow piece of plastic fat
    thing down your shortcuts sixpack spewing fucking throat !! so from the
    bottom of my heart fuck you Mike chang. no really fuck you and stay the
    fuck off my screen you fuck !!!!!!!!!!!! 

  10. Hey guys, I am starting my weight loss challenge, and I would love for you
    guys to come and support me, it would really mean a lot to me

  11. hey mike just wondering im 18 and 5,5. will i still grow any taller. i dont
    wanna be a big short guy. will i at least get to 5,6 and a half

  12. I am hungry and I do not want a flat but so I wont be doing no abs cause
    baby got flat. But I will cross my legs as I keep the tension butt to
    couch and watch Netflix. Ahhhh

  13. phOeNIX_AzGhost

    Can someone please give me some tips on losing belly fat like what to eat
    and what exercises to do?

  14. Yoga exercise will keep you fit if you do it regular bases.Keep your will
    power strong and make it daily routine.

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