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1 weird tip to burn belly fat: sixpackshortcuts.com Hi there, It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts. I’m so glad your here with us today on our mission to get six-pack abs. Here’s a quick total body workout you can do at home to help you burn belly fat! We designed this workout for those of us who are short on time or maybe just don’t have the patiences to do slow boring ab exercises. Let’s press play and get the workout started, it’s time to destroy some fat. All you need is a timer for this workout so there’s no excuses Routine Breakdown: 3 set of 30 seconds interval set. Mountain Plank Knee to elbow crunches See, wasn’t that quick? There is always time for a quick workout, remember no excuses. And if you want to get a ripped body and six pack abs FAST, check out this free video now sixpackshortcuts.com In that video I teach you about one of my best exercise techniques, “The Afterburn.” I’ll show you how you can use the “Afterburn Effect” to burn off your belly fat and get a ripped body and get six-pack abs that women love. Check it out: sixpackshortcuts.com PS — Use this link to share this videos on Facebook with your friends! youtu.be
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  2. Insane weight loss is great youtube channel and exercise is an important element of weight loss – looking for somewhere to start – try watching “Fat Factor ” video …
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  4. hey mike does whey protein and vitamins help you out when it comes to losing weight please answer when you can thank you also how long should I run a day my body isnt used to running alot so whenever you can give me some tips im atleast trying to lose 5 pounds in two weeks if possible

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    Can someone tell me if this actually works? I feel a tightness in my abs but I dont feel any burn. -_____-

  8. My favorite workout.I lost over 60 pounds because of these workout videos. Thank you sixpackshortcuts.

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  11. Excellent workout – I tried it and almost died! Meaning it was an excellent workout especially as I am already quite fit 🙂 Just felt quite exhausting at the time but the next day – can we say pain!. But that’s how I know I hit core muscles which had long been asleep. Now I do it regularly, and with more precision. At age 38 my tummy looks 24, even after childbearing. Thanks Mike…and man are you super-fine… 🙂

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