5. Kettlebell Workout • Intense Workout • Advance

Kettlebell Training for Beginners, Inter medium and Advance Workouts. Please check more of our videos and go to www.chichihealthandfitness.ca
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2 thoughts on “5. Kettlebell Workout • Intense Workout • Advance”

  1. Love it! I once had an instructor who reapeted the mantra, Breathe. Relax. Align. It still sticks with me. Maybe because I took the class on the beach in Maui. Or maybe because it seems like a simple way to live my life.

  2. Basically you will want to get your body temp and heart rate up a little so a short run, jpmiung jacks or jpmiung rope could be good. You will also want to get good circulation to you fingers, arms and shoulder so a few pull-ups or dead hangs on the larger holds on the board or a pull-up bar would be good.

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