5 Day Workout Split – How To Build And Gain Muscle Mass Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on “5 Day Workout Split – How To Build And Gain Muscle Mass Fast (Big Brandon Carter)”

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    way to burn calories fast.

  2. Wow I’ve only come across week workout plans that tailor to e.g.;
    Tues- Rest
    Wed- Workout
    Thurs- Rest
    Fri- Work
    Sat- Cardio

    I’m going to try this 5 day workout and hope it doesn’t put a strain on my

  3. This would be perfect but my Arm days set me back at least 4 days man,
    chest on monday would be too hard what do you recommend

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  5. How come it seems like people tend to skip over abs/butt? :p Do those parts
    get trained along the way too? How could I put together this for 4 days?
    Day 1: Chest + biceps Day 2: Back + Triceps Day 3: Legs + Abs Day 4:
    Shoulders? Would that work? What if I’m aiming for some good abs?

  6. Don’t try to do it. u won’t get big and have six abs at the same time. It
    is the one or the another. First get big, but train ur abs, wothout SHIT
    cardio ot HIIT, because u will lose too much calories which are needed to
    build the muscle, u will inevitably gain some fat in this period, but when
    u gain enought muscle mass, then start cleaning the fat with the SHIT/HIIT
    cardio and eat A LOT of protein in that time. U will get a little bit
    smaller than in the bulking (gaining) phase, but RIPPED.

  7. one question though… if you do biceps and triceps on the same day… and
    you get them to where they’re really sore, how can you do chest if your
    triceps are still sore? … would chest and triceps not be more efficient?
    since they pretty much work together in exercise?

  8. you are wrong you can do both if u do HIIT and eat well the point of HIIT
    is to burn fat directly without burning muscles 10-15 min of HIIT every day
    is enough

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