42 Minute Brutal HIIT Cardio and Kettlebell Workout – Workout to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Fast

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “42 Minute Brutal HIIT Cardio and Kettlebell Workout – Workout to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Fast”

  1. It´s obvious she didn´t do the whole workout at a strech. No sweat, no
    exhaustion. I would prefer a workout where my “coach” at least is able to
    do what he (or she) recommends.

  2. is it okay to do squats if you have a natural big butt im afraid if it
    gets bigger
    plz answer me !!!!

  3. Great workouts but so many jacks. I have a torn meniscus and can’t do the
    lateral jumps. What’s a good substitute? 

  4. Holy moly, this one wore the crap outta me!! I’ll have to try this one
    again without modifications cuz Lord knows I needed them this time around!

  5. Cardiokiller! To be honest, I struggle alot on any cardio elements, but
    this is one I intend to conquer with proper form as soon as possible. Great

  6. Jessica Bernstein

    im sick today but my mind keeps telling me i need to workout or ill get fat
    what should i do

  7. Mackenzie Harrison

    That was awesome! I wasn’t able to move quite as fast as Kelli but I still
    did it! :)

  8. Syaifudinpaksay

    To average folks who want to get thinner some day, Copy and Paste Into
    Google Fat Blast Furnace so you can get started

  9. This is brutal!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do. I would love to
    see more kettlebell and cardio mix workouts!

  10. Does the “weightmethod” work for teens about 13-14?

    If so please answer i’d be greatful
    (Please answer me as quick as posible)

  11. My weight is 46kg age 18 and i already eat many food but i still
    underweight? can anyone tell me how to get fit?should i go to gym

  12. @gokart1965 hey man i know how u feel but u said u ate a lot? i used to say
    that when i was your age but comparing that portion of food to my current
    meal, it’s like 2-3 times more in size.

  13. DontTread0nMe1776

    Most of those protein powders are full of SOY, the last thing any man
    wants, but especially one trying to gain muscle. Soy is full of
    phytoestrogens called isoflavones and they are BAD for your testosterone.
    Most processed foods are also full of soy.

  14. Holla! Have you considered – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard
    some great things about it and my cooworker got detailed 6 pack abs and
    lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  15. diet= makeing sure you meet a calorie surplus everyday to gain weight. if
    your a true ectomorph it dont matter if your mixing in unhealthy food like
    pizza and hamburger because you are gonna need junk food like that when
    your bulking up. if all you eat is clean food and good carbs, you will
    always feel full and not be able to put down the calories your body needs
    to gain weight. You dont need to pay this guy money, to figure that out…

  16. Weight Gain Network

    @linksta7 – Yes, running is probably the worst thing you can do if you’re a
    skinny guy trying to gain muscle. Not only does running take a toll on your
    joints over the years, it also burns a ton of calories.

  17. how can results be terrible you fucking retard building muscle is a slow
    and tedious process you faggot chicken shit

  18. Weight Gain Network

    Sorry man, this is one of my first videos. I’m getting better at shooting
    these videos though, check out my channel if you want some more info.

  19. hes obviusly not going to go for heavy weights straight away. I would start
    off by lifting lighter weights to build that muscle and get in shape – then
    after a couple of weeks he should be ready to take on the heavier ones. But
    yeah – hold off the supplements.

  20. Linksta7. Yes if you want to gain you will have to cut down on your running
    because you are burning more calories..

  21. im, 17, 6’2″ and before i started working out i was 108lbs, after i started
    working out i gained some weight, now im 122lbs, but i seem to have hit a
    wall in my gaining, what can i do?

  22. @cameroncocup so then what exactly you mean, i know its always good be big
    and you ll look better. how will she get jealous

  23. im 115 pounds, been workin out for 5 months, took weight trainin in high
    school n was in football so i know how to eat and work out n rest and diet,
    and in those 5 months of working out, im still 115 pounds and i did not go
    up in muscle mass or benchin at all, my first max was 95 at bench n now its
    100,, and still skinny as hell,, any tips? please?

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