4 weeks Six Pack Abs workout – Level 1

Six Pack Abs Workout is designed on the basis of “8 minutes Abs” workout, which follows the principle of aerobics. In fact, you’ll see that between one exerc…
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Make Intense Workouts Easy: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rddX What’s up guys, It’s Mike Chang and today is back day. We are going to get big lats, big traps a…

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  1. I have a 6 pack and I was able to get it within 4 weeks by only doing about
    half of these exercises.. it helped that I was slightly underweight and
    trying to bulk up. But I think anyone who actually does these work outs on
    a daily basis will start to see results very quickly. most likely within 3
    weeks or so. This actually works folks.

  2. Ezequiel Ventura

    Should I worry if I can see my muscles like shown in the video during the

  3. My feet R.I.P at the half , there is no break to recover, guess this is not
    for me. :)

  4. That Tall Guy

    To people looking for dieting tips. Just eat natural foods. Try to exclude
    wheat and most grains from your diet except brown rice and spelt (I know
    they don’t taste as good, but it’s worth it) snack more often as well, and
    add more protein to your diet CALORIES DO NOT MATTER as long as you eat
    healthy. “Diet” drinks and foods that have artificial sweeteners are bad
    for your metabolism, because it takes longer for your body to break down
    all of the chemical ingredients. Try to keep foods that you consume’s
    ingredients to only things you can identify, and find in a grocery store.
    Stay far away from added sugar. Sugar in fruit is ok. Hope this helps. By
    the way, if anyone has received results from this, post! It is great
    motivation for other people, and also great feedback!

  5. Emma Wardinator

    Works really well combined with 1hour + of cardio! I cycle for 1hour (and
    am gradually increasing length) and do this workout 2 x a day. Great
    results and I’m only on day 5 :)!

  6. ddzproduction

    Why is this called Level 1? Is there a Level 2 cuz I can’t find it.. and I
    pretty much want a Level 2 to this series. Thanks

  7. Micheal Ghobreal

    Guys in the double twist i feel to much pain in my upper legs why is
    that..what am i doing wrong..?

  8. I can’t get my legs straight in the first one and the one where i do each
    leg up at a time, how do i help this

  9. Another question:
    If I follow these exercise and successfully see a six pack will it stay
    like that or is it temporary

  10. I have to say that this is a great workout. I do this workout plus about 3
    others including a 5 minute ab workout (to warm up), chest and butt. I have
    been doing this just over a month maybe, and I already feel pretty
    impressed with the results. I was hoping to tone up just a little before a
    holiday in a couple of weeks!

  11. hi im 13 years old trying to get a six pack anyone what things i could do
    to get rid of that bit of fat becausse im quite slim anyway just need to
    get rid of that last bit

  12. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    why dont you do some stretching exercises at the end of the videos? so my
    body wont hurt next day

  13. damn I always hated Mike Chang for his stupid magic drink, and all that BS,
    but this video was actually very helpful and actually gave more information
    than most people on youtube do.

  14. chunkyboy1995

    I’m not hating but you are so damn annoying. Hate seeing you on YouTube. 

  15. what works the biceps? besides barbell curls and barbell drags. I’m a guy
    btw, ignore the pic

  16. Really, how is it even possible to take your stance at 8.22 ? I did all the
    exercise but ended training my ass (only part that feels like it

  17. i am 14 and 5 foot 4 inches i have a very similar body to the fan at the

  18. I suggest that instead of trying to make your weight lifting sessions into
    cardio sessions, you should just implement 30 minute steady-state cardio
    workouts 3 to 5 days a week. 

  19. Edmund Dauntes

    I USE?

  20. Shaolin Schlag

    This is helpful. I feel like back is hard to work at home because there
    seem to be push and press exercises for chest, shoulders, and triceps than
    for pulling for back. Thanks, Mike.

  21. matthunterrlf

    “upright rows is meant for your upper back”..nah Mike you wrong..Chris
    Jones told me you “do upright rows, to loosen up dem uptight hoes”

  22. kosar mustafa

    Well done kid very well done , as always thanks mike for yet another great

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