4-Minute High Intensity Fat Burning AB Workout (Bikini Body)

Activewear by “Fit & Feminine”. Shop my cute activewear here: http://fitnfeminine.com Please READ this description box for more info. Quick High Intensity Fat Burning AB Workout for Flatter…
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Do you practice Pilates? Are you looking for a quick and brutal bodyweight only Pilates challenge? Check out this workout! It’s workout #2 of 6 in my new original YouTube series “Got Core?”…
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36 thoughts on “4-Minute High Intensity Fat Burning AB Workout (Bikini Body)”

  1. Quick High Intensity Fat Burning AB Workout for Flatter Tummy! Only 4
    minutes, 4 exercises, 20 seconds of workout with 10 seconds rest interval.
    No equipment needed. It is short but intense.

    Let’s workout together! Be sure to LIKE & SHARE this video too. Lots of
    Love xx

  2. Your my favorite! 🙂 I love your routines because it’s actually Fun and
    challenging at the same time for me. Also I love your voice and accent lol 

  3. Love this workout Joanna!
    Could you do a workout for curves and an hourglass shape? I have no shape
    to my body whatsoever and I don’t know how to get curves!
    Thanks, great channel :-)) 

  4. Empowering Medicine ✪ Herbalist

    Great work out just what I am looking for as we come into spring time in

  5. Working out with you really is getting my entire body tighter and leaner!!
    I can’t wait to incorporate this ab workout into my routine. You are a
    great motivator and a beautiful soul. GO Joanna GO!!

  6. Can you please tel me which shape i am
    I have broad shoulders and broad waistline
    Perfect hips and boobs…
    Wheneva i gain weight my love handles and upper arms fatten. Please suggest
    me a workout to reduce maximum in one month as my farewell comin and i have
    gained weight due to my exams

  7. haha i love you so much! You are such a strong person, and you make
    workouts fun because your so motivational, and you make me laugh. This if
    perfect <33

  8. wow ur body is amazing can you please send me all videos links soo i can
    have ur body please my body weight is 15 stone and my height is 6.5ft
    but i dot have fat surrounding my hips and back and stomach can you
    please help me out and thanks i,ll do anything to have ur toned body
    as i need the summer body 

  9. Hi Johanna-
    I have been a subbie for awhile now and I am losing weight so I thought ok
    I will go check out fitnfeminine.com. I am a little disappointed but maybe
    I should be encouraged. You don’t have US sizes any larger than size 10. I
    think your activewear is cute but I will need to lose a considerable amount
    of weight to get into your clothes. Until then I will keep exercising with
    you and I’ll check back in a couple of months.
    All the Best! Nina

  10. Hi Joana, I’ve been following your videos for a year now. It helping me but
    it really needs an attitude. Exercise should be a habit and fun. By the
    way, what application do you use for your timer? Thanks!

  11. i love your videos wow they make me sweat so much
    this exercise somehow only worked on my thighs did i do it wrong?

  12. Nina Ø. Thøgersen

    Hi Joanna, I love your videos <3 they always make me happy and motivated!
    Could you please help me? I have BROKEN my toe, how do I get in shape now?
    I don't know how I can be active when I can't use my foot :(

  13. Hi I’m 14 and I wonder if this would work good for me I’m like around 9
    stone maybe and I want to reach 2 and I wanna do exercises for them how
    does it work

  14. Exodus Yeojachinguu

    Hi. I’m 12 years old and I’m really new to these fitness things and
    everything. I’m really fat and I also have a big belly fat. What exercises
    should I do? Any tips? Please help. I really want to lose my belly fat,
    fats all over my body and lose weight T.T

  15. SeanVigueFitness

    Power Pilates Ab Workout
    Thanks for watching my friends! Please Subscribe, Share, Like and Comment
    below with any questions. I appreciate your support.
    #pilates #pilatesworkout #powerpilates #gotcore #core #pilatesforathletes

  16. Dorothy Messer

    great workout. I don’t know what my oxygen excuse is though I live in south
    florida! lol

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