2 thoughts on “4 best Kettlebell fat burning exercises for beginners”

  1. Go to an orthopedic sorgeun and he’ll take MRI’s of the area your concerned with. Then he can evaluate your injury and tell you what has to be done. He can also give you something for pain. If you see a chiropractor he cannot unpinch a nerve as one stated, he’s good for muscles, that’s all.

  2. You are right. Your muscles are geinttg bigger but still covered with fat, so it only looks bigger, not fitter.The only way to burn fat is cardio. Here is a good plan for a bodybuilder:3 days a week30-45 mins a dayMake it intense enough so it would be a bit hard to speak while breathing. If you are out of breath then you are overdoing it.Cardio also burns muscles if you are not training them. So don’t worry about losing muscles Cheers

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