39 Weeks Pregnant Workout

Pregnancy workout during the third trimester at 39 weeks includes goblet squats, elevated push ups, trx body rows and single arm kettlebell swings.
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8 thoughts on “39 Weeks Pregnant Workout”

  1. TheBoogsmommy

    I’m so glad to find this! I just found out I was pregnant and I love doing trx. So glad I don’t have to give this up!!

  2. amandamaryperry

    of course you don’t have to give it up!! Congrats on your pregnancy 🙂 🙂

  3. working out while pregnant allows your baby to feel that the outside environment is stressful therefor when he/she is born he/she will actually have a higher muscular density

  4. manjeryespinosa

    i think she really wants to go into labor with that last exercise lol i know i was when i got to this point in pregnancy…

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