350LBS IN 3.5 YEARS: A Powerlifting Mini-Documentary

MONSTER GARAGE GYM presents a mini-documentary on how powerlifting basics, more specifically building a strong foundation first, then adding more sophisticat…
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50 thoughts on “350LBS IN 3.5 YEARS: A Powerlifting Mini-Documentary”

  1. last year at regionals i did 605 squat, i worked out on my own and made
    good progress every week. this year we have a new powerlifting coach and i
    have to follow his workouts or i cant lift. our workouts are 3 sets of 15
    reps of squat. fifteen. there goes my senior year.

  2. Traposaurus Flex

    That’s so weird that you’d say that because I’m pretty sure your squat is
    255 and you’re 195 lbs.. If you’re going to lie on youtube don’t tell the
    truth on another video you twat.

  3. Excellent documentary. I enjoyed watching his progression. He’s insanely
    strong for 181. I’m 230 and prob can’t even squat 315. I wish I had a power
    lifting gym like this in my area with a group of guys like them who have
    the same goals as I do to get stronger as we train, even if were not
    competing. I love to progress in my work out and I can’t really progress
    any more at my commercial gym, especially training by my self.

  4. Great Doc! Al seems like a humble guy, its awesome to have witnessed his
    progression. A true testament to hard work and the results they produce!

  5. Dr. Al worked hard, no doubt…but without all this support, guidance, and
    powerlifting knowledge he never would’ve lifted so much in three years. No
    disrespect, it’s just that their contribution is tremendous as well.

  6. MPTPowerlifting

    The owner of Critical Bench is Mike Westerdal. The owner of Monster Garage
    Gym is Eric Maroscher. They do know each other and have worked with one
    another as they are both mutual fans of one another.

  7. You have such passion, and you convey it very well! I enjoyed your video
    very much. Thank you for sharing.

  8. strong man u need to be crazy, power lifting u need to be brave and olympic
    lifting u need to bebold

  9. The last couple statements were the most truthful statements about olympic
    weightlifting. My trainers are brothers and are both incredibly good one
    won the US Open this year and put up big big numbers for both snatch and
    clean and jerk and everytime he starts a lift he gets fired up. His best
    squat is 600 lbs in the olympic style back squat and we don’t know how much
    he can deadlift because he experiences back problems if he pushes too hard.
    But you will enjoy it more in the future as you get into it.

  10. The strongmen series especially the annual contest combines endurance and
    enormous strength that powerlifters and Olympic lifters don’t have because
    it is just not needed for these 2 sports.

  11. I haven’t done or competed in any strong man competition, but i dare say
    the technicality behind Olympic lifts are so simple and extremely important

  12. Once again to clarify both power and Olympic do have enormous strength but
    it is without this strength/endurance combo that you need to do the
    strongman series.

  13. strongman is way harder than oly and powerlifting toghether.. .. the food
    that strongman requieres is enormous

  14. Hey, I’m 17 years of age and really want to progress in powerlifting here
    in the UK, I weigh 16stone and I’m quite abit stronger than the average
    person my age (naturally) I’m building a strong basis up in all my body
    parts firstly before I begin to do a lot of the main powerlifting exercises
    ie Bench,Squat,Deadlifting, Can anybody here give me any advice I’m not in
    great shape by any means and want to lose at least another stone on the
    way… all advice would be amazing..

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    ability to have children. The only reason being gay is a “lifestyle”, or
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  16. All beautiful and tough sports in their own respective manner, requiring
    different skills and training for each. Tough to compare them to one
    another, all different physical and mental aspects. Good talk.

  17. Strong men are generally big dumb oafs? Sickening generalization from you.
    Anyone can do a farmer walk? Well, anyone can do an olympic lift! Same shit
    applies to that too! Never thought of it? Fucking moron ROFLMAO!

  18. I dont think MightySaxon55 you have any clue on how powerful or explosive
    olympic weightlifters are. Weightlifters are by far the most powerful and
    explosive athletes in the olympics! chigishev, klokov,akkaev im sure would
    destroy any of those strongmen at sprinting or jumping!

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