Get 45-minutes of yoga results in just 30 minutes! This creative sequence from Sadie Nardini, international yoga instructor, fierce living expert and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga will tone your whole body, detoxify you and burn calories even as you work out. Go from flab to FAB in just 30 minutes! Recommended: Do this workout 4-5 times a week, eat a whole food diet, hydrate well and ROCK who you are!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I just moved to LA where yoga is so expensive! I´╗┐ am so happy that this video exists so I can keep up with my vinyasa!! ­čÖé thank you!!

  2. TheStangaciuGeorge

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  3. pianogirl0409

    I really like your videos Sadie, but this 30 minute one has just too much variation and you were going too fast for me. I’m new to yoga so I can’t keep up with a huge variety of poses but I like your 20 minute weight loss one. Maybe you could make a 30 minute weight loss and detox with less poses? I really want to step it´╗┐ up but i just felt this video was too much of a leap.

  4. I was just laid off´╗┐ and am going inward to seek peace and serenity. Yoga keeps me centered, but is so expensive! Thanks YouTube… and Thanks Sadie Nardini!

  5. EmmaAnonymous

    I have terrible balance and downward facing dog is really hard on my hands´╗┐ and palms. what would you suggest?

  6. Michael Flores

    Sadly, over 70% of adults in the united states are overweight and slimming lower is unquestionably an obsession for millions. Finding a great way to shed pounds is among the most significant items that a person might do.´╗┐ Appreciate your video. Continue the fantastic work!

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  8. Victoria Aguilar

    Sadie is amazing! She get’s your heart going without even knowing it. ´╗┐ Love her!

  9. I’m´╗┐ new to your videos but so far so good just go a little slower but great workout

  10. the yoga of deprogramming/detoxifying
    wilderness and nature, entering catharsis in nature
    removed and out of sight from others so one can really be free
    is one of the best methods of deprogramming
    not being dependent completely on the outward´╗┐ symbol but looking into
    the greater detail
    and also being rooted in the whole
    meditation on deprogramming, invoking the spirit of that

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  12. these moves are great, im so out of shap but im determined to get´╗┐ through this on mihgt take me a couple weeks however!!! thanks for the videos

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  14. Nidesh Maskey

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