48 thoughts on “30 Day Shred Level 3”

  1. principalpierce

    Nearing the end of the 30 day shred! Recommendations…looking for what others do to maintain the progress. What next?

  2. tarheelveteran

    Muscle weighing more than fat isn’t necessarily true. A pound is a pound, but one pound of muscle will be much tighter and thinner than one pound of fat. If you’re working your muscles your clothes will be looser even though you haven’t lost an ounce.

  3. well, your muscles are tightening up before it get bulky. That’s how my are every time i over used my arm when playing tennis. It bulge out, lol. Stretches are you best friend XD before and after, don’t slack off on them stretches. it helps pull your muscles in the right place.

  4. Does this level do anyone else’s lower back in? =/ I have aches for ages after

  5. BlueStarBathory

    Jillian, you may see someone else tomorrow…..;me – nope! 😀
    Finished and earned !!!
    Thank you <3

  6. Ms. Bean,

    I agree that this one does feel a little easier, but it seems to focus more on core than cardio. I noticed a huge difference in my core after 10 days of Level 3. I just started Ripped in 30 and have come back to do 30DS Level 3 a few times just to get that extra core work in. 🙂

  7. yes really! I had a healthy diet I did not do anything more, 20 pounds is the weight that you supposed to lose with this program, simply remain attached to your goal not give up remained motivated and voila!

  8. no0o…you do level 1 for 10 days, then level 2 for 10 days and then level 3 for 10 days. they have just put all of it together in ove video for some reasons. separate parts of this video are also available.

  9. majolerulerulista

    i don’t get it, how do you do this?.. one day strength, the next cardio.. then? and always the same warm up?

  10. Is it a bad sign if i have gained muscle but haven’t lost any weight yet? 🙁
    M verrryyyyy worried..!!

  11. i just found this workout on sweatn.com and its so awesome! I pinned it to my workouts board and i’ll be doing it again later.

  12. I’m interested…..can anyone tell me how does these levels and 30 days work into each other? do I do level 1 for 10 days then level 2, and move on? Or how does it work? =o

  13. I done this and it’s great! now i’m doing Body revolution and it’s better and awesome! Jillan is amazing!

  14. schwarzyfication

    can you plz put that on yt too?cannot find anywhere,and it’s so much easier to follow exercises like that!!!;-) i love your videos btw!

  15. Is there any way to do this without gaining muslces….Id rather just lose weight but not get bulky.

  16. tarheelveteran

    Anybody who’s weighing themselves every day, STOP IT!!!! HEAR ME?? STOP IT!!! You can diet and exercise till you drop dead, but your weight always fluctuates naturally,at any time, for any reason. For 2 days out of the month I can gain 6 pounds of water weight, but thank God my weight goes back to normal. For that reason though, weighing myself every day would drive me to drink. Just weigh yourself once a week, twice a week if you must.

  17. The most painful bit for me is the part where you rest on the hand weights! It kills my palms! 🙁

  18. Eve withoutanapple

    I had exactly the same feeling – it seems much shorter than level 1 and 2.

  19. Cameron Shiflett

    Trust me Im in the same boat. your not gonna gain muscle like you think. If anything my muscles have gotten stronger not bulkier. Trust me when I say you will burn ample more body fat with a combination of weights and cardio than just cardio. Do this workout and at the end of 30 days you’ll be lighter, healthier, and more energetic. this is my second go around. i weighed 276 at the start of the first and at the end of 30 days i lost 24 lbs with just this and dieting.

  20. It’s probably from the pipe crunch and scissor crunches. I have problems with my back and was told not to do scissor crunches, regular sit-ups or even leg lifts because they all give big pressure on your lower back. I substitute these painful crunches with other crunches from level 1 and 2 (bicycle crunches, double crunches – they are more advances but don’t put lots of pressure on your back). I’m not a trainer, but I know the pain you’re feeling very well 😉 I hope it will help!

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