30 Day Shred / Hip-Hop Abs Day 9

30 Day Shred / Hip-Hop Abs Day 9

Waist 34.5 Thighs 21.5 Arms 12 Hips 42.5.
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6 thoughts on “30 Day Shred / Hip-Hop Abs Day 9”

  1. Hi Nick: I just got your Abs ebook. I particularly like that you explain
    why and how each exercise work and the errors and tricks. Those are
    tremendously helpful. I’m willing to try the Ab Ripper….wish me luck! .

  2. I did this one while I was in Iraq after buying the ab exercises you’ve
    never heard of. I always got the strangest looks while doing it. Before I
    started, I didn’t think it would do much. After about rep 5 on the first
    set, I was dying but it felt good. About a week after doing them each
    workout, I noticed a couple other guys doing it too. Thought that was funny.

  3. Thanks, btw, I’ve recently started reading all your stuff and all of it is
    just AWESOME! thanks Nick

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