30 Day Fat Burn: Toned Abs & Arms Workout

30 Day Fat Burn: Toned Abs & Arms Workout by BeFiT is a supercharged, 10-minute full-body strength workout that is designed to burn calories and target the arms, shoulders, and abdominals…

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50 thoughts on “30 Day Fat Burn: Toned Abs & Arms Workout”

  1. Have you tried Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google) It is a quick way
    to shed pounds fast.

  2. My arms feel like giant chilli peppers. Awesome work ladies, this workout
    in gonna go in my favorites!

  3. oh. my god courtney, reaIIy you are beyond amazIng, so smart,
    good teacher, Instructor, I Iove your exercIses, thank you so much,
    you are heIpIng me Iots. thanks.

  4. Adama Secka Mbye

    Thank you for the workouts ladies! I can’t wait to complete the whole 30
    day fat burn program! I am on day 14

  5. To build up a ripped abs, you no longer need any tough diet program or
    doing the difficult exercises, you possibly can do it simpler than you
    think. The secret is consuming the correct foods & doing the right


    These are the best workouts since I hired a personal trainer to enter the
    local fitness competition. Keep up the good work. I also like the length of
    time they are.

  7. On days when there are 2 of the workouts in the day am I supposed to do one
    after the other or at different times in the day?

  8. OMGosh…. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….These Workouts are
    the BEST. Please keep them coming and for longer than 30days if possible.
    🙂 The BEST SERIES EVER….. :)

  9. I was vegetarian for 2 yrs and i am vegan for about a year now and i have
    so much more energy and i am gaining biceps, abs much faster 🙂 PLANT POWER

  10. Sebastián Canales

    I will never get a 6 pack, im 8% body fat and i still have a 4 pack cause
    of my genetics i even trained my lower abs for 1-2 months and got no
    progress whatsoever my lower abs only got harder not big

  11. This dude is awesome . thanks for the tips !!! I’m thirteen and I’m 6’0 170
    lbs and I have a little fat in front of my abs and chest but not enough to
    be called fat. Do I have to work on my whole body of just chest area ? 

  12. Shaanthewizard

    @Logan Schaefer yes don’t do weight until you are at least 16 or your
    growth will be stunted

  13. @FlamesNX shit man 130? when i was your age i was 100-105. ate a ton of
    junk food. i’ve always been natural small. eat 4-6 healthy meals a day, at
    around 3000+ calories. and exercise! at least 3 times a week. Be sure to do
    lower body too, in order for your upper body to grow, you have to work your
    lower body just as much. you’ll be fine. at your age, don’t do weights too
    much, you can but be very careful. i personally wouldn’t.

  14. Logan Schaefer

    Im 13 5’10 140pds about 8% body fat i have been working out since i was 10
    started lifting weights this year is this wrong

  15. Ryan Halliwell

    Depending on what sort of training your doing try to have a 48hour rest
    before training the same muscle groups in order for the muscle’s to repair
    and get bigger. In terms of revealing your six pack the most important
    thing is to have a low Sugar and Low Saturated fat diet, i found this
    helped a lot ! Good luck

  16. I’m 13 & 125, my abs are alright but don’t seem to be getting any better.
    Doing abs sometimes twice a day almost every day, any tips?

  17. hi, i am 19 years old and i have listened to what you said about in the mid
    20’s i will be able to build muscle much quickly than now, is that what
    you’re sayin’ ? i am about 68 kg and 1.80 cm, but i recently calculate my
    bodyfat and it’s 15%. What that means is that i will be a real skinny guy
    if i cut to look shreded. I mention that i have some shape but it is not
    what i want 🙁

  18. if you boys require to get ripped more quickly without wasting a single
    extra minute in the gym, then you should look at this online video
    SIXPP.COM Objectivity is a peculiar demand to make of institutions which,
    as business corporations, are dedicated first of all to economic survival

  19. Hey aj, im 14 already have a simple outline of a 6-pack, but im a natural
    skinny. Im about 130 pounds, and i dont eat THAT much junk food, around a
    normal consumption. Is there hope for me?

  20. hey AJ im 18. i have been going the gym for about 20 months. i do abs once
    a week. my upper abs are really good, good definition and all. but my lower
    abs are suffering a bit. how can i improve them????

  21. @FlamesNX dude, 14 is damn young. hold onto your horses. at your age, you
    should be eating more than you should cause you are still growing. unless
    you want to stunted growth in your height, you shouldn’t be caring so much
    abt dieting. whats ur height btw? i m curious.

  22. im 15 i got a six pack but my sides are not so good what r some really good
    exercises for them

  23. hey aj, im 13 and about 5’11. i weigh about 143 and i have tried
    everything! i have like 10 percent ab definiton i NEEEEED help! please aj,
    thanks bro

  24. HI there ! I am 16 years old ,I train everyday or 6 days with one day rest
    if i need it. I have a defined 4 pack with a weak line for my lower two and
    its pretty flabby.. I am around 64 kg and would like to bulk up as well as
    have a defined 6 pack. Suggestions ????

  25. Im going to play college football next year at the FCS level and so ive
    been really training hard to add speed, agility, acceleration and things
    like that but at the same time I wanna get more lean and get my bmi down.
    My trainer says i need to be eating a lot of carbs and things like that for
    energy on the field but is that gonna hurt my trying to get lean? All the
    carbs i do eat are like whole wheats and really low in fat and sugar, but i
    feel like high protein, low carb/sugar/fat gets u lean

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