30 DAY CHALLENGE: 300 ab workout.. How to lose love handles fast! Abdominal Exercises!

30 DAY CHALLENGE: 300 ab workout.. How to lose love handles fast! Abdominal Exercises!

Abdominal Exercises for the 300 Ab WORKOUT– How to complete: Week One complete clip only one time through per session 2-3 times a week. Week Two complete cl…
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This makes a great Beginner Pilates workout, and it can also help you relax before you go to sleep for the night. Calorie burn, printable routine & more info…

47 thoughts on “30 DAY CHALLENGE: 300 ab workout.. How to lose love handles fast! Abdominal Exercises!”

  1. This might sound crazy but I hate abs exercises but want the abs lol:-) The
    hardest exercise for me can only do ten and stop, crazy!!!!

  2. great ab workout… I have done many in my lifetime this is up there…
    Gonna use from time to time

  3. Great job mate! It’s difficult for me to find an ab routine that I can
    really feel in my abs with a good burning sensation..hopefully this does
    the job…

  4. this ab workout is no joke!!! just realized how much work i need to do on

  5. kisha fields

    I had hard time watching bc I lost focus lol. But seriously, I WILL be
    doing these. I need to change up my workout. Thank you so much for the

  6. jaydee azucar

    Cool exercises and great motivating music! The video would even be better
    without the chewing gum though ;)

  7. Thomas Miller

    Im starting the routine today! Show results in a month! Thanks again!

  8. I don’t wanna sound dumb but after the stretch break go again correct?

  9. springtimelady

    I just started to work on my abs again. After doing surgery years ago I
    lost my abs and have been very discouraged ever since because I can’t seem
    to lose weight like I used to much less the gut I got because I wasn’t
    allowed to exercise like I wanted to for over a year. Hope this addition
    helps. I am training myself to start small, THAT is a task..

  10. Thx for sharing this with us, this is one area I need the most work in

  11. Nice no frills abs workout. I did only one round due to time constraints.
    Definitely will make this workout a top priority. Thanks again for your
    time and effort. You’re still the best after all these years Ahmad!

  12. dude are you gay ? the song is so quite girlish stick to these:
    Tap Out by Lil Wayne Birdman Nicki Minaj Future
    Fckn Problems by ASAP Rocky 2Chainz Drake Kendrick Lamar
    High As Hell by Bob Wiz Khalifa
    Beamer Benz Or Bentley by Lloyd Banks Juelz Santana
    Megaman by Lil Wayne
    … girl girl girl during abs ? Really? LOL !

  13. Courtney Bray

    +ChickenBros22 who randomly says hi as a video comment? Sorry. I had to
    ask. LOL not trying to be mean. I just thought it was funny and super
    random…. :P

  14. Karla.M. Anderson

    So how often do you do this workout before going to the next stage up ?

  15. This workout is easy!! Awesome! They cant push you to hard workout! I love

  16. I had abdominal hernia surgery April 10, 2013 do you think it’s to early
    for me to start these exercises ? Thanks you

  17. I just had abdominal surgery a week ago and I am only ready for a few of
    these exercises. If you don’t mind my asking, Kelli, how many times a week
    did you do these exercises as you recovered? Thanks so much for doing this.
    I was just sitting here feeling down about not being able to work out for 6
    weeks when I saw this. I’m so excited now and motivated to eat super
    healthy while I recover.

  18. professionalmartinez

    Are these exercises beneficial for diastisis recti? Sorry if this question
    posts twice. 🙂

  19. FitnessBlender

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Give yourself time to heal, I know it’s hard
    but be patient!

  20. reredrummer123

    I would LOVE if you guys did more lower back-friendly exercises! I’ve got
    spinal stenosis and an annual tear, yet still love to exercise. If you guys
    could somehow create a video that doesn’t involve twisting or crunches,
    that would be AMAZING!!!!!!

  21. Melissa Willmott

    Hi Could you please do more of these with an increasing level of intensity,
    so that us cesarean and non cesarean Mums can get our body’s back and get
    fit again. Your other work outs are great but I haven’t got my lower abs
    working well enough to do all of the workout. Thanks! 😉

  22. @fitnessblender thank you so much for these exercises . They help me with
    my pain so I can function .

  23. FitnessBlender

    I would wait longer than 1 week-it was at least 3-4 weeks out before I
    could do most of these, & I think many doctors advise people to wait even
    longer. I did these maybe 3-4 times a week, at least. I did them when I
    felt like I had too much energy to just continue to sit. Keep your head up,
    it will be really hard for another 2-3 weeks but then you are going to
    start to see fast & significant gains in what you can do & much less pain.
    Eat healthy so your body has what it needs to heal quickly!

  24. same question as Marissa Cortez…..will this workout help get rid of the
    flab after a c section…..or do you recommend starting out with this and
    eventually graduating to a more traditional abs workout?

  25. april ledesma

    I have a question about this video, I had a c-section and it left me with a
    huge amount of flab just hanging! Will this workout help me lose a bit of
    it or is there another routine for losing the fat from having a c-section???

  26. FitnessBlender

    You would want to talk to your doctor but generally speaking these
    exercises could help with diastasis recti.

  27. What would be comfortable to wear (pants) i workout in my sweats & they
    always hurt my lower back when i do any floor exercises…i can’t seem to
    push as hard as i want to because of this.

  28. thanks for posting this, after the birth of my son i practically can’t feel
    my lower abs anymore. I’ve tried to do lower abs workout and discovered
    that my muscles have become so weak and my lower back is killing me while
    i’m doing exercises. i can’t describe the dissapointment i felt! This looks
    great and ‘back friendly’ so i will give myself a chance again and try.

  29. Had abdominal hernia surgery; these are just what I need to get back into
    shape in a safe way. Easy to follow Kelli and speaker’s voice confident and
    strong with lots of info to guide me. Thank you for posting this.

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