3 Mistakes Killing Your INTENSITY

3 Mistakes Killing Your INTENSITY

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Can You Get Ripped With Cheat Days?

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50 thoughts on “3 Mistakes Killing Your INTENSITY”

  1. This may seem like a stupid question so excuse my stupidity but for example
    when Mike was doing the shoulder press and said don’t use momentum if I
    went to failure would it be OK to use the momentum to help go past failure

  2. good tips, you must go from the gym with no power in muscles then they will
    grow faster, I remember when I worked hard at gym and after that I had
    problems in shower because of muscles overload xD I know that is more
    comfortable to cheat at gym but you must feel some lock in muscles and some
    pain to gain ;P

  3. You know, that what you are telling people in this video is exactly the
    opposit of what you are showing in all your other video`s? All your
    workouts are in a high volume and low intensity. You can not have long
    sessions with a high intensity. It is or low volume and high intensity or
    high volume and a low intensity. Did you ever see somebody sprint 20
    miles? Why not? Because it is not possible.

  4. this guy is such clown… he does 5 shoulder presses and hardly catches his
    breath. also his abs are like nonexistent. Has any1 ever seen him doing ab
    wheel rollout?

  5. Wait, i understand the part with reducing the time but why should you
    reduce the amount you do in a set and have more sets, rather then do drop

  6. Mike i have been working out about 5 to 6 months people in school say i
    look a lot better now but i cant seem to take another step foward to lok
    like people like you i know it takes time but whar is the best/fastest way
    to become like my present state i am the strongest in my school but i want
    to gain muscle tone

  7. I like Mike’s older videos like this one. he has not become too much a
    celebrity promoting dumb shit like his Red Drink horseshit. Contradicting
    himself in older videos saying that proper nutrition and exercise get
    results vs dumb supplements.

    I think what he is missing in this video is the concept of “If it Fits your
    macros” . It’s important to get enough protein, healthy fats, and complex
    carbs. I’ve been cutting for 5 weeks and steadily losing 1-2 lbs a week.
    So far I have not cheated once and still managed to have chipotle burritos,
    pizza, ribs, etc. If you miss having a nice set of pancakes for
    breakfast, go ahead and do it and adust the rest of your calories for the
    day to compensate.

    I must have my “unhealthy” Saturday night food, so all I do is eat fewer
    meals, more calories per meal, and stay in a deficit. Maybe beals 1 and 2
    have 1/4 of my calories and the last meal has 1/2 of my daily calories
    making it bigger and making me feel like I am not being deprived

  8. With respect to heating the tupperware, I wouldn’t advise this for
    prolonged periods… Microbes present in food (even after cooking
    potentially) will flourish and reproduce BEST at temperatures near 80-90F.
    40F-140F for an excess of 4 hours is considered the danger zone when foods
    are most prone to cause food poisoning. More factors play into this (i.e.
    how much did you cook your food, initial microbial loads, etc), but best
    not to exceed that 4 hour zone. 

  9. Cheat Meal is motivation for me. If I never have a cheat meal then I will
    have less motivation to eat healthy. I cheat one meal, 1 Hour, once a week.
    Workout 5 days a week and eat incredibly clean. I also went from 265lbs to
    195lbs in less than a year..
    People don’t understand that what I eat and workout will not make YOU
    built. I have changed my diet probably 15-20 times before I found what
    works for me. Be real. Learn your body. 

  10. I have a cheat lunch and dinner or desert once a week (on Sunday), workout
    6 days a week and I have been able to drop a fat percentage and maintain
    the same weight every 7- 10 days so far, but I don’t really have a social
    life ATM so I can deny cheating during the week. If things change in the
    future I will act accordingly.

  11. Cheating is for pussies! Either go hard or go home. Eat clean 24/7 and cut
    the bullshit. See food as purely a fuel source, not as a source of
    pleasure. No you can’t eat that entire XXL bowl of Ben n Jerry’s you fat
    undisciplined fuck. And fuck the alcohol completely if you desire the
    physique of a god. Food is only to aid your muscle growth and keep your
    body functioning in tip-top condition. You want pleasure? Go find a chick
    to bone. She’ll probably be ‘mirin’ your body and you’ll be getting her
    dripping wet, brah

  12. But I’m experimenting trying to find the best way I learned that I can have
    a full cheat day, meaning I have to skip breakfast or eat a clean one
    before the cheating begin. But you have to learn your body.

  13. Thi video is for fat guys right? cause you are basically saying not to eat,
    but you have another video for skinny guys trying to gain weight you
    recomend to eat everything we can, even if it is not the healthy shit
    (pizza burguers lasagna)

  14. You have to do cheat days if you’re on a low carb diet,if you’re not doing
    it you will fuck up yourself badly

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  16. You totally went off topic Mike. We know you like talking and all, but try
    to keep talking with he title of your videos in mind

  17. OMG!!! it’s a such a good new that I do can drink little bit just don’t eat
    afterwards eh?? best tip for me! thanks MIKE!!!

  18. I normally have cheat days every 10 days or sometimes I rearrange the cheat
    days. I eat completely clean during my normal days and I don’t take cheat
    meals at all. Is that alright?

  19. No cheat days u say?? For the last 6 months I ate whatever the fukk I
    wanted but made sure it fit my daily macros. I lost 37lbs and dropped my
    body fat % from 19 to 10. GTFO you misleading gook faggot.

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