3 Min Kettlebell Ab Workout

3 Minute Kettlebell Ab Workout more at www.youtube.com/user/fastathomeworkouts.

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27 thoughts on “3 Min Kettlebell Ab Workout”

  1. Jessica thegreenqueen

    My dance studieo uses this in some classes then on top of it my mom got the
    whole family p90x the complete set

  2. He talks to her like she’s a little girl i wouldn’t be surprised if they
    sleep together

  3. OMG….I though she is gonna stop and talk a little in between changing ads
    And she only stop for 2 to 3 second break in between. This girl is insanely
    strong. Of cause she is pretty too. Tony, you bad boy……..
    I skip all my abs video in YouTube. Only comeback for this one. 20 abs move
    is super. The abs workout in the “Insanity workout” program can’t touch

  4. Used to do this 4x a week years ago. Super effective when combined with
    cardio and a healthy, lean diet.

  5. Well……… That hurts a little bit( I used it as a stretch/cool down at
    the end of my workout)

  6. The critical factor to efficiently build 6 pack abs isn’t how difficult
    exercise routines you take, it is all about healthy eating plan

  7. When this said “killer 10 minute ab workout” it was sooo NOT kidding…
    Dang i feel the burn!! But it definitely does feel good! Thank you! :D

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