3 HOURS of Relaxing music – Meditation and Sleeping music – Spa – Zen Music

Long music for meditation and relaxation. Sound therapy, Sounds of nature, Zen music for meditation. SUBSCRIBE HERE → → → http://www.youtube.com/user/relaxvi…

Musique zen de relaxation ,de détente et de yoga . Pour une relaxation dans le bain comme dans la voiture . (cette musique est un mix de musique déjà existan…

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  1. Relax Night and Day


    Could you please tell me the link of the picture ?

    I have an idea for my channel

    THANKS !!!

    Relax Night and Day

  2. This is helping me, I have 7-1500 word business blogs to write for an
    overseas company and it drowns out the noise from crazy neighbors banging
    around…3 down 4 to go..Thanks.

  3. I have unbelievable amounts of anxiety tearing me apart internally a lot of
    the time, and this seems to help a bit… Thank you so much for bringing
    this into existence.

  4. Their music is so healing and pure. I love it. The Chinese culture is so

  5. Hey this is that music from the game 400 years. I diddnt know it was an
    actual song

  6. Thank you so much there are constructions all around our house and this
    music really helps alot


    Pretty relaxing and quiet melody ! I’m going to continue reading comments
    … I meant studying!

  8. I love this I meditate when I’m mad depressed happy sad any of my moods and
    music helps a lot just like this!!

  9. Doesn’t really make sense having adverts in a meditation/sleeping music

  10. Relaxation Music

    Fantastic relaxation sounds! Really helps to get you into a calm relaxed
    frame of mind.

  11. Electronic Chillout Lounge & Entspannungsmusik - Liedschatten

    Hey Chaine!!

    Really cool and soothing music. I love your mix;).!

    Have a wonderful Xmas time and all the best for 2014.

    Cheers from Hamburg.

  12. Just close your eyes and start your imagination, just let loose and be
    creative #zen #musiq

  13. marshallcanify

    Stunned that this mix is so good. Really impressed. Just found it this
    morning and had the best nap.

  14. Maria Ângela Galvão

    Agradável para relaxamento e para harmonizar o ambiente com aspecto das
    matas e pássaros da floresta que amamos tanto e tão bem nos faz.

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