3 Day Split PART 1 (Push, Pull, Legs) How To Build And Gain Muscle Mass Fast – Brandon Carter

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25 thoughts on “3 Day Split PART 1 (Push, Pull, Legs) How To Build And Gain Muscle Mass Fast – Brandon Carter”

  1. Makes perfect sense to me. Basically u cant workout your chest without
    using your triceps or vice versa. So boom 2 birds one stone. Good vid ty!

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    to find out more.

  3. Just coz the guys says 3 day split in one vid and 5 day split on another
    vid it doesnt mean he’s clashing with himself u doughnuts.. U have to
    change ur split every 4 to 6 weeks anyway as ur body gets used to it so
    quickly.. So u do 5 day split for 4 to 6 wks and then u change it to 3 day
    split.. N then maybe 4 day split or some sort.. U dont do the same split
    routine all the time.. I like this guy Brandon Carter and he has to be the
    only real fitness dude admits he smokes weeds here n there :)) He’s 100%
    real.. Total respect..

  4. Julio Maldonado

    Yo Brandon, waddup!!! great video and advice as always but as for those of
    us that want to start the push/pull/legs workout could you give us a demo
    for each specific day with the exercises we should perform for optimum
    results. I would be happy to know what I should incorporate into each day
    so I can do this effectively. 

  5. elchessboy0wnzuagain

    Yo Brandon wuzzup mah brotha from anotha motha! Yo u lookin skinny as fuck
    in this video maynneee! U look like snoop dogg in the movie baby boy when
    he was stayin at ivette’s crib with a tanktop on

  6. Sujan Adhikari

    Do you make these dangerous mistakes in your diets? Go Google Ready Set
    Ripped to find out.

  7. I’ve been on this split for 3 weeks and have seen massive improvements. I
    think this may be the greatest split of all time.

  8. plentypaperP30

    Fam can you send me a list of this 3 day split? I really want to start with
    a split like this

  9. Keep it up Brandon, been watching every single vid from the new channel as
    they come out. Much appreciated!

  10. Pajkethelegend

    can you make a video about how to build body by only calisthenics (street
    workout) ? i see you can do muscle ups,so you practiced street workout..

  11. I’m berly starting to go to the gym thanks for this helpful vid I want to
    put on that muscle mass!!!

  12. christopher lithgo

    run with leg weights for a while then when you run without you’ll feel a
    lot lighter and run faster

  13. Or if you’re on tren, anavar, test, t3, or clen. Lol jk bro, I’m convinced
    for each pound of muscle you will add one pound of fat as a natural.

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