23 Ab Exercises – Add these to your Ab Workouts!! (INSANE and NEW )

More Insane Ab Exercises! http://athleanx.com/x/getakillercore There are ab exercises like crunches, planks and medicine ball ab twists and then there are ab…
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Free 8 minute ab workout! Get rid of the mommy bulge, belly fat, muffin top, fupa with ab (core) exercises for after pregnancy using the pelvic floor and tra…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “23 Ab Exercises – Add these to your Ab Workouts!! (INSANE and NEW )”

  1. roberto Hernandez

    The workouts from athlean x you provide, do we just lift those five and
    call it a day or do we mix your workouts I out routine?

  2. Damm! Even Bruce Lee would have loved such an interesting work
    out like the ones in this video! Well done! Good music, etc.
    ETC.! Love it! I got it , and gives me more ideas to work with!

  3. I cant afford the Program right now but i cant wait to buy it! Gym
    membership included hope to get to the best shape of my life! So far i
    nearly watched all youre Videos and you are the best fitness Coach on
    YouTube in my opinion! Keep up the great work,see ya in 90 days ;)

  4. Frankly, this really IS one of the best videos you’ve done Jeff. As a
    frequent viewer I noted a few of these you have introduced in the recent
    past but most of these are new. And I also noticed that not all of these
    are “undoable” if you’re core is not at the top level of development. I’ve
    never posted a comment but after watching this one I am compelled to do so.
    And, yes, I may be compelled to finally drop dime and get on the AthLeanX
    Team. Thank you for all that you do. Sam Jackson

  5. Jacqueline F. Cardenas

    You can actually lo­se 1­0 lb­s na­turally in 2 weeks, wit­hout bat­tl­ing
    with foo­d cr­aving

  6. Hi,
    How long will I get the results? I’m slim but my post pregnancy belly is
    Can you give me a run down of the exercises you’ve shown here? Thanks!

  7. ☜ Sᴏᴠɪᴇᴛ Bᴇᴀʀ ☞

    To anybody watching this that drinks a ton of soda, just completely stop
    drinking it and replace it with water. I was 175 5’11 at the time I
    stopped, and I started drinking about 70-90oz of water a day. some months
    later I weigh 150, and even the slight taste of soda makes me almost vomit.

    I didn’t even exercise in the process (even though I should have…), but
    yeah just stop drinking that shit. Your body will thank you later.

    Just make sure to drink stuff like milk and green tea alongside everyday,
    they’re both very healthy as well. 

  8. Hey there! Have you come across Cobrian Ripped Abs Workout (do a search on
    google)? Ive heard some incredible feedback about it and my m8 got great
    results with it. 

  9. What an awesome workout.
    It’s tough, yet doable and you just KNOW one will see visible results
    fairly quickly.


    Thankyou (^_^)/

  10. this workout is awesome.. I love how short it is too… how many times a
    week should I be doing it? 

  11. Melissa-Paris Medina

    this is great im a new mom and I love that this is fast but it still
    challenges me I hurt in the best ways! thank you

  12. Oh my gosh, my abs are burning! Thank you for this great video, I learned
    so much about posture.

  13. this looks really good – so informative cant wait to try it – has this
    worked for anyone else

  14. If you want to lose fat – and fast
    You need to balance your hormones first
    Search google for: *Belly Fat Blaze*
    It is a website that explain how to do it

  15. Did you only do these work outs to loose the belly fat? I am skinny already
    and I do not need to loose wait but after having my daughter my stomach
    stretched so much that i have wrinkles on my belly that needs to tighten
    up. How long do you think it would take for my stomach to get back to
    normal and flat? Please help I am only 21 and I should have a nice flat

  16. You are like a robot 🙂 I look like a seal while doing exercises 😀 Should
    be a lot of work to fix this beer belly

  17. truly good ab work out !!! I’ve been trying to find a good one to stick
    with and this is going to be it! thank you!

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