20mins Total Gym / Pilates Reformer workout 2 (by Ultimate Pilates)

20mins interactive workout volume 2 CHEST & TRICEPS for your Total Gym or Pilates Reformer system. Courtesy of ultimatepilates.com.au.
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Sophie from the Aspire Group’s Pilates video: Sophies Aspire Pilates video predominantly focuses on strengthening and isolating the core to help create lean flat abdominals while improving…

16 thoughts on “20mins Total Gym / Pilates Reformer workout 2 (by Ultimate Pilates)”

  1. Robert Flores

    I love her sequences they flow and are harmonious to the body and her
    breath cues are on point along with alignment and injury prevention, very
    important to me.. oh also she gives options for several levels. Her videos
    kick ass!

  2. Dallas Dwayne

    “And seeing as we’re side lying, it would be rude not to work the inner
    thighs.” Haha! I crack up laughing at that every time. For the last workout
    with the triceps, is it alright to lift the legs a bit to switch on the abs
    and get an additional workout?

  3. Marie Wiberg

    eFit30 always has the best workout routines 🙂 I enjoyed this very much,
    also, you explain each movement so well that it makes evrything easier!


  4. Great workout! I’ve watched a few of Sophie’s other videos and really enjoy
    This is a challenging workout with very clear cues. I look forward to being
    sore tomorrow. Thank you, Sophie!

  5. this workout of pilates is just for women only or men can also perform..

  6. happy to watch you! you amazingly beautiful and your voice sounds so
    wonderful! you are absolutely perfect! love U!

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