2014 Arnold Classic USA Powerlifting Meet

2014 Arnold Classic USA Powerlifting Meet

My Second Arnold appearance first in a full meet. Meet Strategy was to get a lead in the squat and I did just that. Putting up 578 pounds. I planned on bench…
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  1. Downing Powerlifting Systems

    Thanks every one! And Jonnie Candito is a great friend of mine! All the
    credit for editing this goes to him and his dad who filmed it! We will
    hopefully be doing videos together here soon! 

  2. Downing Powerlifting Systems

    Ohio Barbell, yes I am still pretty close to the Columbus area. I teach in
    South Vienna. 

  3. Downing Powerlifting Systems

    It was a long pause but thats partly my fault I will be uploading a video
    soon with commentary over my lifts because I believe in no excuses and
    honesty. I let the bar sink a tad which created the longer command making
    me miss something I usually get. 

  4. Just so everyone knows, John’s second squat of 578.5 lbs set an new
    American Record for the USAPL Raw 83 kg. division. The announcer mentioned
    that his third attempt would set a new American Record, but failed to
    mention that that record was set by John’s prior squat. Great job John!!

  5. FatGuySkinnyWallet

    Definitely an impressive showing! Jonnie Candito gave you a shout out and
    lead me here.


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