2013 World Weightlifting Championships Men’s 77 kg Snatch

2013 World Weightlifting Championships Men's 77 kg Snatch

New Weightlifting 2013 World Weightlifting Championships, Wroclaw, Poland- October 24 Men’s 77 kg Snatch ▷http://shopolympic.com/ Lü Xiaojun (Olympic Athlete) new World Record.

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  2. Captari had absolutely no setup at all. When I snatch I get into position,
    breath, and focus. Your head has to be in it. It looked like he gave up
    before he ever tried.

  3. I wonder if this Goldstrom critter has considered teaching philosophy.
    Between 11:11 and 11:49 he delivers such an eloquent summary of the doping
    dilemma, ending it with the rivetting remark: “…as ah, as we saw with the
    British Olympic Association a… a… a… an… a difficult… a
    difficult… rule to, actually argue. Anyway enough of that. Let’s
    concentrate on the lifting.”

  4. InspireNewGeneration

    I wonder how strong they are. I go to gym often and see much bigger guys
    lifting around 100kg bench press. These guys are lifting up much heavier
    weight by snatch. 

  5. Lu should just show up to his fellow opponents in the warm-up room and
    announce himself in the following way. “Which one of you mothafuckas is
    coming in second? Cause ALL you mothafuckas know that I’m winning this

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