200 Rep Abs & Cardio Workout

Get shredded ridiculously fast. Here’s how: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd9m Hi guys, Mike here and today me and my buddy are going to do a crazy core and ca…
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25 thoughts on “200 Rep Abs & Cardio Workout”

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  3. Just did this workout. Wasn’t that difficult but I’m gonna do it every
    morning! Maybe 400 next time!

  4. Ryan mc gowan

    In the first round when they were doing high knees they should have been
    doing burpees but they were doing pushups

  5. Wow cant believe this guy has this many subscribers. A lot of people get
    scammed by this moron. I feel sorry for all the people getting taken
    advantaged of here.

  6. camron kizer

    That’s it!? Wow I expected way more! Barley dropped a swet and I finished
    before you! Good job!

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  8. BurpeeTalk.com

    yea he has that pain off switch that sometimes is the difference between
    being able to “get in shape” and be a monster like Mike Chang

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