20 Minute Home Abdominal Workout – Fitness Blender Ab and Oblique Exercises

20 Minute Home Abdominal Workout - Fitness Blender Ab and Oblique Exercises

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25 thoughts on “20 Minute Home Abdominal Workout – Fitness Blender Ab and Oblique Exercises”

  1. Evenimente APR

    Thanks. Almost everyone said that even an hour is a bit too much so, i
    guess i will shorten my abs session. Thanks again.

  2. FitnessBlender

    Part of it is flexibility – work on stretching your hamstrings in order to
    keep your legs straight. Bending them is okay, it just makes it easier.

  3. by the way, can you guys give me link or something, where is listed exact
    various exercises for externals? thanks

  4. Pilate back bows are always hard 4 me. I can never get my chest off the
    ground 🙁

  5. FitnessBlender

    @wasntborntofollow226 Good! You should check out the rest of our videos, we
    have many more free ones. You want to keep those muscles guessing or else
    the workouts become less effective!

  6. FitnessBlender

    2 Hours of anything is a bit much, you would need to eat to refuel, lots of
    water, etc. I would never recommend 3 hours of abs to anyone. I wouldn’t
    recommend an hour of abs to anyone!

  7. Evenimente APR

    and is it ok to work my abs like, let’s say, 2 houres in my abs exercices

  8. FitnessBlender

    Ugh that stinks, I’m sorry. I didn’t know there were actual people behind
    all of those spam attacks, I hope you get it figured out without a hitch 🙂

  9. In all guides they say how to burn the most calories, I don’t need to burn
    more calories i need to get bigger muscle. Its the same thing or can i find
    any better video?

  10. FitnessBlender

    You would be better off mixing up your plan a bit; total body strength
    training, some cardio, etc. It takes more than just situps to get toned abs.

  11. benjaminsingh

    this workout really sweat me out. awesome man.. i love thos workout noo
    lie. will this help me to loose love handles lol?

  12. crisscross crunch? seriously how to keep equilibrium? please answer! i
    always lose it while doing that exercise

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