20 Min Killer Abs Workout Routine!

Join Rebecca Louise for a challenging and super effective workout. Get killer abs in just 20 min! Repeat the workout once more for quicker results. Get yours…
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13 thoughts on “20 Min Killer Abs Workout Routine!”

  1. Rebecca-Louise Smith

    Anytime you sweat your body looses water and electrolytes. Electrolytes
    serve as a conductor allowing ions in the body to help neutralizes lactic
    acid and regulates the body’s fluids helping to maintain a healthy blood ph

  2. There are a lot of good exercise videos on youtube…THIS IS NOT ONE OF
    THEM. Only a moron would tell you to drink something OTHER than water
    while working out. Most nutritionists will tell you that all you ever need
    is water unless you ran maybe a marathon. She severely compromises form to
    meet her set counts which most trainers will tell you is not good, then she
    routinely tucks her chin in on the mat..HUGE no,no. And finally, who does
    4 plank sets in a row?? Beginning people cannot be expected to keep that
    form for that many sets. A better schedule would be to alternate the plank
    and mat moves.

  3. U are an awesome trainer.. Mainly cuz u don’t just show people how to
    exercise, but u also keep stressing on all the vital supporting factors,
    like pre n post stretching and nutrition.. Darn neat..

  4. Monica Pederson

    Good ab routine but electrolytes? Unless you are running a marathon or an
    endurance athlete, you don’t need to sugary electrolyte replacements….

  5. If you had to choose only a single session among all abs workout, this one
    is by far the best (but with Rebecca’s dogs as usual would be great !).

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