50 thoughts on “1980 Olympic Weightlifting”

  1. Who is the fat dude? That’s even more ridiculous than asking “Who is that
    lanky skinny dude”? about the legendary Yurik Vardanian, who dominated the
    weightlifting portion of the 1980 Olympics. These guys are athletes,
    probably the greatest athletes on the planet; they are not some faggot

  2. These guys are the epitome of an athlete. Explosive, flexible,
    co-ordinated, shreaded, yet they often earn peanuts

  3. @djkaus1980 well what if it was legal? Me personally i strongly disagree
    with some of the drugs that are illegal.


    @djkaus1980 agree you dont need stardoid, they just put us dwon, use
    motavation,, disiplan, and hard work and itll be worth mush more with more

  5. I know from a lot of people (even my gym owner) that people that juiced at
    the 80s (even early 90s here in spain) used doses almost Standart.
    Everybody was using almost the same things and at almost the same doses
    making a level field “more equal” than today…(and thinking that they used
    to get the Over the counter is even worst considering they juiced much less
    than the average gym rat of today). I still think the WADA and politicians
    are a joke and should worry about more important things…

  6. @djkaus1980 it’s simply not so. USSR and Bulgaria had tremendous athletes,
    while such rich for ways of production and medical funding country as USA
    suck at weightlifting even today. it’s not just about the gear, pls dont be

  7. @delotonkoe I never said train less if you take supplements. Good
    old-fashioned hard work should always be part of the equation. I don’t
    understand the obsession of wanting certain “enhancers” to be legal. Anyone
    can take whatever they want within regulations set by IOC. Fair play is
    part of the Olympic spirit. Enough about lousy supplements! Let passion,
    not a drug, be your path to victory.

  8. Oh man I don’t even know why This video is still up

    This will give huge confusion to starter…

    Please take it down 

  9. streetfightsecrets.com

    thanks, I was looking for any instructional that wasnt from crossfit, but
    will now go to Tommy Kono;s video

  10. Jump literally through the roof? I tried this and now my landlord is making
    me pay for the damages.

  11. this video should be renamed as a power clean, but even so, it’s not a
    particularly good example of one. i know that he is a strong man
    competitor, but weightlifting is a whole other ball game, especially in
    terms having really good technique from the beginning.

  12. The_Brotatochip

    With all the random, horrible shit that fitness and exercise “experts” put
    on youtube, it’s always refreshing to find somebody who knows what they’re
    talking about and can thoroughly explain it without becoming dull or
    repetitive. Excellent lift for explosive speed, strength, and power in the
    entire body, for anyone in any sport. Keep on keepin’ on, my man.

  13. I really wish this wasn’t high up on the list of search results for ‘clean
    and jerk’. So much misinformation.

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