1972 Olympic Weightlifting, 60 kg class.

1972 Olympic Weightlifting, 60 kg class.

Norair NURIKIAN, Dito SHANIDZE, Janos BENEDEK. Тяжелая атлетика важка атлетика haltérophilie ağır atletika peshëngritje ծանրամարտը цяжкая атлетыка вдигане на…
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3 thoughts on “1972 Olympic Weightlifting, 60 kg class.”

  1. NicolletIslandSlim

    Priceless, historic footage, thank you. Norair is one of the few TWO-TIME
    Olympic gold medalists. This really brings back the memories!

  2. Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you had some awesome footage of the 1972
    Olympic Weightlifting. Do you by any chance have any footage of the lighter
    divisions? My father George Vasiliades (AUS) lifted in the 56 kg Bantam
    weight class.

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