18-Six Pack Ab Exercises-Abs Workout Routine for Men & Women-P90x

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26 thoughts on “18-Six Pack Ab Exercises-Abs Workout Routine for Men & Women-P90x”

  1. Just live your life,´╗┐ there will be plenty of time to train your body ­čśë

  2. resting makes sures all ur muscles ligaments are duoly relaxed nd then they do not get injured … resting is good

  3. FitnessBody4L

    lol thanks … the reason´╗┐ you haven’t seen any of these is cuz i make them all up on the spot lol

  4. is it better not to do 30-60 seconds rest´╗┐ in between your excercises if you don’t need to. or is it better to rest so you get better results?

  5. ilovewillluleich

    lol you said.. “you´╗┐ want to slowly lift your TA- uhhh lower back” lol ­čśë

  6. FitnessBody4L

    yeah it’s just a suggestion i would say try not to go´╗┐ more than 2 days without doing abs

  7. be aware you can have the nicest looking abs ever….but if you have´╗┐ a layer of fat covering it you won’t see them…cardio cardio cardio

  8. Holla! Have you considered – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my BF got ripped´╗┐ Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  9. TangoDownAirsoftingx

    hey say Im average and I´╗┐ started this workout everyday. How many days would it take for six pack? please let me know. thx!

  10. gym boss (gymboss 2) also makes an awesome app, if you have an iPhone!!! Check it out and it is free. ´╗┐

  11. FitnessBody4L

    if you are´╗┐ doing the workout plan that i have laid out on my website then it should take you about a month or so to start seeing results

  12. can you tell me a good interval timer to buy. the one i have is´╗┐ total waste. I need to buy a new one. let me know thanks

  13. ProductiveSpawn

    Man great to hear that u want to be in shape, but just dont get to fixed by to get muscles, I´╗┐ mean you’re still 12 bud. Just want your best ­čÖé

  14. should i´╗┐ do cardio before or after this workout? or both? and how long should i do cardio for?

  15. if you have to rest between your exercises then you that is ok´╗┐ if you don’t that is also ok … the harder you work the faster you will get results.

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