25 thoughts on “155 Build Muscle Lose Fat”

  1. Where the hell have you been?! And why don’t you have more followers, views
    etc… Keep the knowledge coming!!

  2. You are a hero Steve Turano!! Thank you so much for this video! This video
    deserves more than a million views!!

  3. he probably means 30g a day for the average joe sitting on their asses all
    day ik what you mean i was eating somedays 60g protein and my muscles had
    shrinked 90+ a day is a must for me to maintain my muscles .

  4. Laurie Mackeson

    I thought his head would explode! Seriously though…good video! I enjoy
    your honesty and enthusiasm.

  5. oh man where was you? Seriously, I started to download all your blog talk
    radio archive and I always listen to them when travelling. No joke!

  6. I haven’t seen a video of yours in a while Steve…..keep doing your
    thing….love the video

  7. 30g protein? Steve listen man, I love you and I been watching your vids for
    long time, but 30g a day I dunno about that? I used to think that way and I
    been training for yrs with no noticable gains at all, once I bought a
    protein container and I start o take 150g of protein a day which is a
    relation to my weight which is 150 lbs, its a 1g per 1 lbs, which is what
    the bodybuilding forums always say, protein intake should be 1 grams per 1
    pound of weight. I started to see gains with 150g protein

  8. Steve is the man. He gives good advice. So what he’s selling his product
    don’t hate and appreciate the FREE advice.

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