12 Min Interval Training HIIT FULL BODY ABS Workout Handstand

music by www.jewelbeat.com Please skip to minute 12:21 for a brief explanation of the exercises Todays workout is a quick tabata style interval training (HII…

25 thoughts on “12 Min Interval Training HIIT FULL BODY ABS Workout Handstand”

  1. I wish one day I could achieve the handstand jump, how should I build my
    strenth to be able to approach to handstand jump?


  3. ikr :P!! But the piano notes are very characteristic in this track! I was
    searching for it, don’t know it’s name! Also so funny the way you joyfully
    pop out at the beginning love it 😀 (sorry for the new comment I use iPhone
    and no reply option here)

  4. Maira Raimondi

    OMG! I’ve just done it and survived!!!! Still shaking,but alive! I just
    love yoou Aliiii! thankssss for your magic!

  5. I heard the music track that was playing in the background in the studio !
    I really like this track 🙂 

  6. Ahaha yeah I was actually looking for that one also xD Oh I’m so sorry for
    spoiling your wall !!! :P

  7. i’ve been getting better and better at this workout. please make more. with
    no equipment! 🙂 love!

  8. Similar tune but unfortunately not that eventually…I apologize for
    trolling but I swear this track is veeeery nice , anyways!

  9. thank you Ali i will try this one tomorrow, you are making me so happy with
    your new videos, loved your pants and top:)are they yoga pants or just
    normal leggings, which one you prefer? (mostly i like all of your leggings)

  10. Another great one Ali. I might just incorporate this type of mini workout
    pre-yoga session. I find that I do better when my muscles are warmed up. 😉

  11. just finished doing this video:)i sweat a lot and out of breath:)but at the
    end feel so good

  12. thank you great workout, I also like to do tabata in 1:1 style, meaning do
    one exercise for 8 rounds and then I move to the next exercise, that way I
    reach the maximum burn with each exercise, instead of alternating different

  13. Thanks again dear Ali!! I am out of breath and happy with this tabata style
    routine. Would like to be able to “fly” as you on the head stands jumps.
    Namaste beautiful teacher, love Isabel

  14. Ariel Lampert

    Hi dear Ali, I was wondering if you’d be able to do a video mainly focusing
    on opening the hips. Please and Thank You. 🙂 I love the hip openers they
    relax me more than anything I don’t know why.

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