100 Reps Ab Workout

1 weird way to get rock solid abs. http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd9y In today’s video, we are going to do a 100 rep six pack ab workout. This workout is going…
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25 thoughts on “100 Reps Ab Workout”

  1. workout day # 9 (belly), today was a quick workout, but it was really hard
    for me what I did today, you can see in the video, it looks easy, but it’s
    not that, I have 2 round made, because I just wanted to do something more,
    but it’s not real easy…

  2. Mike this helped sooooo much im only 13 and im really thankfull of this
    video and im so proud of myslef i learned to never give up :)

  3. I couldn’t move for 10 minutes after this workout one of the hardest ab
    work outs ive ever done.

  4. Sommer McDaniel

    The fart noises in the beginning killed me. Hahaha couldn’t stop laughing!
    Great workout. I do it 3 times a week. The results are really starting to

  5. JDawgUnstoppable

    Let me clarify something. The reason you can’t see your abs is because
    there is a layer of fat covering them. Please everyone do your own research
    on your specific goals and don’t listen to this hypocrite liar trying to
    scam you.

  6. sorry guys but your gonna have to do this workout at least 3 times to
    actually get any results

  7. You can add to this by doing 20 side to side L sits.

    Also, this workout is a ton of fun.
    Learn to enjoy the pain guys. 

  8. U r amazing i am 15 and im doin 10 instead of 20 but im getting there.
    Ps. Thanks a lot and never give up !

  9. Hi mike, I’ve been doing these ab workouts and my right side is starting to
    become more developed than the left (my abs are becoming uneven). Do you
    have any tips on how to fix this

  10. yurfavorite ahmed

    lmao the farting sound..so ditracting..lmao, if i was the cameraman id be
    doing the same

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