100 Abs Exercises on the Ball

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50 thoughts on “100 Abs Exercises on the Ball”

  1. Would you like me to upload classes that incorporate abs on the ball
    exercises? YouTube is pretty saturated with ball classes so I thought I’d
    ask first if that’s something you want. Thumbs up if you do! – Rob

  2. Love these! So many things I never thought of on here. I’m going to go try
    the single leg pikes now!

  3. i love this guy and this video!!!! short and userfull. thank you a lot!!!!!
    will wait for more videos…..

  4. Really mesmarising, loved all the variations and your control and precision
    was top quality… Great body too, not too bulky like some men :)

  5. excelente gracias a este chaval he podido armar mis 30 mint de
    abdominales…gracias eres grande………

  6. I really think that you re a cat Bryan n Rob (are you Bryan or Bob ¿) : As
    simple humans, we could very hurt by falling if we aren’t a C@t or trained
    by the Beijing circus ^^
    :3 from France

  7. This is what most people don’t do, and that is why most people don’t have
    flat ripped abs. Without Vacuum exercise added to your ab routine you will
    end up with an “ab belly” or a stubbur lower ab and midsection area(skinny
    or muscular upper abs and falling over lower abs or no visible lower abs at
    all). Ad this to your daily routine it will quickly correct the wrong you
    have been doing all these years.

  8. The secret to dramatic abdominal region tightening by VACUUM exercise….
    If you regularly train your abs without doing this exercise you will end up
    with an “abb belly”. Add this to your daily regimen today!

  9. this is an awesome way to hyperventilate but it does work gotta work on the
    breathing techniques I guess

  10. type this in “how to lose inches off your waist line” just as effective and
    its hilarious

  11. I don’t get “suck in through your throat with your breath being held.” You
    mean breath in a small amount of air into your lungs through your mouth?

  12. “You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe” That’s pretty awesome logic!!
    I’ve only done this exercise once so far, with a new core routine, and it
    definitely works well once you get the hang of it; lots of burn. We’ll just
    have to wait and see, in the long run, if it really will take off some
    inches, and help spine stability.

  13. I don’t why why but this dude was definitely giving me a familiarization of
    John Cena. If you make him talk a little bit more thuggish….I would give
    it an even higher percentage. “theboss4you” is on the same track with me so
    Im glad Im not the only one thinking like this. But hey, great technique!
    Im gonna start implementing it. I am lean and I have been working my ab
    muscles in so many different ways but couldnt find the right way to target
    my core (lower ab/tva) muscles.

  14. @EyLeNi So basically you are almost 99% holding your breath. You suck in as
    if you were breating in but you BLOCK the breath with your throat, except
    let a tiny bit of air get through (hence the weird sound). Right?

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