10 Minute Intense Lower Ab Workout

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28 thoughts on “10 Minute Intense Lower Ab Workout”

  1. This is great. Doesn’t take very long to do and you will feel the burn for
    days. Thank you for posting this! 

  2. Great workout! Just a couple of questions. Are these workouts specifically
    geared towards women and is it okay if I take breaks after two types of
    wrokouts (I’m clearly not as fit as you)?

  3. Vintage Lilabelle

    I do it everyday, but I feel like it works more on my upper abs than lower
    :(. How long do I have to wait to see results?:) x

  4. Jenny22222222222

    why do i feel a burn like below my stomach, kinda where my leg connects to
    my body, that area? kinda in the hip part or something

  5. you want to make this extreme ?! add 1kg ankle weights on each leg… at
    least for the first 5 min.

  6. oh my god !! she killed me !!! really intense ! but i will to do it
    daily…I hope i will be improved gradually..

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