10 Minute Ab Workout on the Stability Ball with Laura London Fitness

http://www.LauraLondonFitness.com ABS -ABS-ABS Today we are using the stability ball and doing 5 core AB exercises 15 times each. This is a great routine to add to the beginning or end…

23 thoughts on “10 Minute Ab Workout on the Stability Ball with Laura London Fitness”

  1. Light in the Piazza

    How tall are you & how much do you weigh? I need to get an idea to have a
    guild. Thank you.

  2. Pamela Caldwell

    You make it fun thank you. Recovery from knee surgery so glad I found you.
    Getting back in shape slowly glad I found your video. 

  3. I loved these exercises. Some I had never used before. Love your energy.
    Thanks for posting.

  4. Vanessa Marsolais

    this is very fun! I just bought a stability ball and your exercises are
    easy to follow and have a great burn! Thank you :D

  5. I already feel it when my back is on the yoga ball, even if I don’t do

  6. upasana bhanot

    Hey Laura ,

    Loved doing these abs workout … I have put on baby fat post delivery just
    trying to lose it … Just 2 exercise which I found difficult the roll in
    on ball and the last one .. I feel the ball is little too big these workout
    .. What size of the ball u r using ..as I am using 65 cm and my height is
    5″2 .. Could b the reason I am finding it difficult to do theses 2 workouts
    .. Plz suggest more workout for abs ..

    Please do suggest workout for upper body …



  7. Okay, I’m probably to clumsy for the twist exercise. I can just see myself
    hitting the floor.

  8. Awesome I’m trying to get my tummy right after baby number 5! Almost there
    just need to lose some extra fat and skin. This looks like it can help me

  9. Tracy Pavlucik

    im going to try this and I’ve had three back ops…will let you know and
    yes I will be careful :)

  10. My back went out AGAIN last week (3 herniated discs) and my awesome
    chiropractor recommended ab work on the ball. Your workout was exactly what
    I needed and I especially like the last exercise, it felt really good on my
    back. I appreciate you posting

  11. Thank you for this Stability Ball workout, I really love working with ball

  12. Jenny Hounslow

    Just got a stability ball over the weekend and as always, I’m checking out
    your channel for a workout video first! As always a cracking video!
    Watching through for the first time before actually doing it, not sure how
    I’ll manage with the ball pass – I think my belly is going to get in the
    way – haha. Fantastic inspiration as always :)

  13. Stephen Davis

    “Pick any word you want at least 5 letters, mine is going to be LOVE”.
    Superb! Haven’t laughed so much in ages great for the tummy muscles.

  14. dylan landis

    Very engaging explanation:) Can’t wait to try your techniques, thanks for

  15. And how do you get your ball so bouncy when it looks like it is losing air?
    When it feels like it’s deflating?

  16. Leighann Phillips

    Hiya love the video how long do you think it would take to get Abbs like
    yours and how often would you need to work out and how long. X

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