10 Min High Intensity Abs Workout – HASfit Abdominal Workout – Ab Work Out – Ab Workouts

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Get six pack abs in 6 minutes on your couch. This Works!

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44 thoughts on “10 Min High Intensity Abs Workout – HASfit Abdominal Workout – Ab Work Out – Ab Workouts”

  1. Laurence du Plessis

    How many times a week and for how many weeks do you think you would need to
    do this to get a six pack?

  2. Have you tried Ready Set Ripped? (check it out on google) It is a quick
    and easy way to build muscle fast.

  3. krishna neupane

    Go Google Muscle Maker Method to discover out how a new discovery made an
    ordinary guy ripped.

  4. Do you make these deadly mistakes in your workouts? Just Google Ready Set
    Ripped to find out.

  5. great work out . coach`s can you guys make a full 20-30 min mma routine
    workout videos. that would be great thanks

  6. Marksepic Channel

    Hi I’m 12 Getting there been doing this twice a day and eating healthy
    also it helps I’m skinny enough so hope fully start seeing results

  7. which one is better? this one or this Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout using
    Just Your Couch! This WORKS! ?

  8. double r logistic

    When will you see the six pack transform ? I did it twice and I don’t
    notice anything .. Someone help !!

  9. it amazes me how many comments I’ve seen that are taking the title so
    frickin’ literally. if you’ve got two brain cells to rub together, it
    should be obvious that you need to repeat the process every couple of days
    to actually get results.

  10. I can not believe some of these comments i just saw below here, YOU WILL
    NEVER get 6 packs in 6 min, you must spend 6 -10 minutes every few days
    and a proper diet to have those packs./ That is what the title of this
    video mean, spend six minutes on your fat belly, if you want to look like a

  11. Konner Saw years

    Guys if your around my age (12) don’t workout to hard cause your just gonna
    hurt yourself 

  12. He’s doing the first exercise the pussy way haha. Your supposed to lift
    your legs 90 degrees and then lift your bottom off the ground 4-6 inches.
    Way better burn way better results 

  13. I,m doing this every day once and it really works! I’m 15 and I almost have
    a sixpack.

    Follow me on insta and you see: noahmiddelkoop

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